North Korea marks the founder’s birthday with enormous parade without weapons

North Korea celebrates Kim Il Sung’s 110th birthday this week (Photos: Reuters)

Thousands gathered in the capital of North Korea to celebrate Kim Jong Un’s grandfather’s birthday.

Kim Il Sung’s birthday is the most important national holiday in North Korea, as he is the man who founded the country in 1948.

The nation has been ruled by the Kim family under a dictatorship for 74 years.

A choreographed display of loyalty took place in Kim Il Sung Square, in Pyongyang, while Mr Kim was swinging from a balcony.

Ri Il Hwan, a member of the ruling Labor Party’s Politburo, called for loyalty during a speech, saying North Koreans ‘will always come out victorious’ under Mr Kim’s leadership.

People marched with red plastic flowers, floats and political slogans before dancers performed in the square and fireworks were set off.

North Korea has apparently chosen not to show off its military weapons amid tensions over its nuclear arsenal.

The country wants the US to accept it as a nuclear power and remove current economic sanctions.

Kim Il Sung Square was packed with thousands of people, state media reported (Photo: Reuters)

At one point dancers perform for the celebration (Photo: Reuters)

State media did not report on what Kim Jong Un said at the parade (Photo: Reuters)

Almost everyone seen on photos and videos wore face masks (Photo: AP)

Recent commercial satellite images indicate that North Korea is planning a major military parade in Pyongyang. It is believed that the parade can take place on April 25.

Mr Kim is also expected to continue his escalation of North Korea’s arms tests over the next few weeks and months.

This could mean test-flying missiles or nuclear explosives over Japan.

The country has already started with 2022 its first flight test of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) since 2017.

The South Korean military has also discovered signs that North Korea is building tunnels on a nuclear test site that it partially dismantled weeks before Mr Kim’s first summit with then-US President Donald Trump in June 2018.

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Fireworks were set off over the capital at night (Photo: Getty)

There were also several performances at the celebration (Photo: Getty)

North Korea has scaled up its nuclear weapons tests this year (Photo: Getty)

North Korea tests its first intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) this year since 2017 (Photo: AP)

The recent and impending arms activity is thought to be a tactic to force the US to comply with North Korea’s wishes to become an accepted nuclear power.

But the Biden administration is apparently dealing with the war in Ukraine and the rise of China as a world power.

Mr Kim will also seek to rebuild the support of his people, as he has promised to develop nuclear weapons and free North Korea from the US economic sanctions that currently plague the economy. land crippled.

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North Korea marks the founder's birthday with enormous parade without weapons

Source link North Korea marks the founder's birthday with enormous parade without weapons

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