Noble cabaret starring Eddie Redmayne and Jessie Buckley showcases the best theaters

If you think you know a great theater, forget about it. You won’t do that until you see the resurrection of the sublime cabaret.

Normally, when you go to the theater, the performance doesn’t start until you get a seat.


Jessie Buckley is great as a life-breaking showgirl Sally Bowles


Eddie Redmayne is perfect as a spooky moderator narrating the show

The cabaret begins the moment you descend the stairs into the theater’s gut and arrive at the infamous Kitcat Club.

At the forefront of Hollywood Eddie Redmayne When Jessie Buckley I’ll make a fame for anything, the cabaret will certainly roar back to the West End.

Set in post-World War I Germany, the musical tells the story of writer Clifford Bloodshaw (Oumari Douglas) and the people he met in the city of Berlin.

The theater has been completely rebuilt and transformed into an intimate cabaret club with only 582 seats each night.

Play goes back in time from start to finish, with Eddie Redmayne guiding you as an eerie yet captivating moderator.

It was the only performance he performed that completely forgot that he was Redmayne behind the character.

His eerie outfit and a little eerie attitude are in stark contrast to Buckley’s emotional Sally Bowles.

She has the finest voice, and as her life collapses, you can’t take root for a showgirl-even if you can’t tell mom.

It’s A Sin’s Douglas is a wonderful Clifford who perfectly portrays his naive innocence when discovering the sneaky associations of fellow Ernst Ludwig (Stewart Clark).

Liza Sadvie and Elliott Levi make a wonderful romantic combination as Fraulein Schneider and Har Schultz, respectively.

The ensemble cast brings the atmosphere of the 1920s to life and makes it harder to remember being at the West End Theater in London in the 2020s.

It’s just visually stunning with a round stage that works in several different ways.

The costumes are great and each actor fits into the play machine without a slight squeak or stuttering.

It’s been a horror for two years, but it’s finally worth seeing the cabaret on stage.

And that’s definitely true. In the words of the moderator, there is no problem here. Life is beautiful here.

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Kit cut club



Eddie Redmayne and Jessie Buckley are part of a stellar cast for performance


Liza Sadvie and Elliott Levi make a great romantic pair throughout the show


The show captures Berlin’s romance and sadness in the 1920s


The theater has transformed into an intimate 1920s-style cabaret club

Noble cabaret starring Eddie Redmayne and Jessie Buckley showcases the best theaters

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