“No longer fair”: Jim and Susie Best lament ongoing license restrictions | Horse Racing

Jim and Susie Best are still conditioned on the latter training license after Jim was handed over by the Disciplinary Commission, more than three years after the six-month suspension ended. I am expressing dissatisfaction. It is especially controversial that couples must participate in the race separately if there are runners, as paddock, owners, trainer bars, etc. are off limits.

“I feel it’s no longer fair,” said Susie Best, who trains 18 horses in a gym-trained Lewisyard. Problematic disciplinary process “While holding my license, I have had my garden inspected every six months, not every year. I am completely transparent and have fully complied with all restrictions. But now we need to get her husband to join the team.

“It’s a family business. Owners come to our yard, it’s our home and we can both welcome them to the yard, but I go to the race with the runners When Jim can’t join it. He’s coming in through another entrance. If I have a winner, he can’t celebrate it with us. “

Jim added: “I should be able to go racing with my wife and kids. I’m not going back soon. It’s four years later.”

Jim’s name was a regular on the race page five years ago. The Disciplinary Commission asked a conditional jockey to stop two horses and found that he had been banned for four years. Judgment abandoned afterwards Prejudice may appear in connection with the panel that heard the incident.He was Found again in violation A new panel was convened, but the penalties applied were not very serious.

“I seem to have done the suspension,” he said Wednesday. “I still can’t race with my family British Horseracing Authority Go back to the original panel that gave me that four-year ban. Susie had a clean license and was successful. Why shouldn’t she be treated like any other trainer? “

BHA pointed out, not a comment Brian Barker QC’s recent verdictSince 2017, he has chaired an independent licensing and judicial committee. Barker agreed with Susie Best and decided that while some of the original ten conditions of the license could be omitted, four should be maintained, including those that restrict access to Jim’s racetrack. Other remaining conditions prevent him from becoming a business officer or shareholder of her business and retaining the authority to act in connection with it.

Barker said he is trying to strike a balance “between what honesty is and appears to be endorsed and the freedom to train under the rules.” He was listening to a discussion from BHA. It wanted to keep eight of the original conditions, including “potential consequences for horse racing perception and integrity” if everything was deleted.

“It’s been going on for too long now,” Susie Best said Wednesday. “You feel you’re at the expense. I’m not doing anything wrong, and I feel like we’ve provided our time. I’m moving forward and doing business I want to move forward and get new owners involved. You feel it’s a dark shadow over you, Jim can’t be a complete part of it, it’s mine It is a black mark for the name.

“It’s family-owned and all done by hand. My brother-in-law Tom is my assistant trainer. Jim embarks. It would be great if he could be fully part of the team. He has had a successful training career himself, he was a jockey, and he has so many friends and acquaintances when he goes to the race. Jim welcomed the owner and in fact Being fully allowed to be part of that is another string of your bow. “

“I don’t think it’s right,” Jim added. “Many owners, I’m friends, I’ve known them for years, and can’t go and support their horses in the race or go to the owners and trainers when they’re there Can’t drink with them Winner … That’s what the owner wants, they want to see me there. “

“No longer fair”: Jim and Susie Best lament ongoing license restrictions | Horse Racing

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