Nikita Jasmine says he was dubbed unfairly as a MAFSUK “villain” before Celebs Go Dating.

Celebrities are looking for lasting love like our others-and as a reality show hit, a new batch of romantics is ready to expose their hearts. Celebrity goes on a date Return value.

matchmaker Paul C Branson When Anna Williamson Is participating Tom Reed Wilson Again when they open the door to their agency. And while they play Cupid, fans will see a new dimension to some of Britain’s most talked-about stars.

here, love at first sightNikita Jasmine To tell understood! The reason she signed up for the show is that she reveals the truth about her former co-star and claims she was unfairly villained in last year’s reality hit.

Nikita Jasmine reveals her ex-married love at first sight co-star

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Hello Nikita! Why did you decide to join the agency?

When I appeared in Married At First Sight, it was a breath of fresh air. Paul is attending the show and he is also attending the show. He should be a romance expert, so this time I hope he finds something that suits me better.

What did you learn from being at Married At First Sight?

I learned to focus on myself because I think many people in that show were kind to it for myself. Believe it or not, I’m very polite to others and always worried about how they feel.

I’m worried about their well-being, but I think a lot of people weren’t really worried about me. So I’m definitely going to focus more on me, put yourself first.

Nikita claims she was unfairly portrayed as the “villain” of the show

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Are you worried that someone who sees you in MAFS may have the wrong impression of you?

I think I was the villain of MAFS, but I couldn’t see the good part of me. I have a very affectionate, affectionate, appropriate and raw emotional aspect. We could literally see the hothead Nikita ready to turn over.

Have you ever used a dating app?

I’ve downloaded it before and swiped it a bit, but it’s pretty noisy, so I know it’s exhausted. I could scroll for an hour and just swipe left towards the person I was interested in. It’s difficult because I’m looking at the pictures.

Nikita revealed that he had previously slipped a celebrity into a DM

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Have celebrities ever slid into a DM?

Yeah, load – but I haven’t named it! I don’t care at all. I have always been friends with people in the industry.

So that’s not a great factor for me. As long as they have a stable job and are smart on their shoulders, I don’t care what they do to make a living.

I really want to be with someone who is invisible to the public. Because they feel like they’re with you for showmance, or do they really have feelings for you. I dated people with the public eye, but I obviously keep it quiet.

Celebs Go Dating airs every night at 9 pm on the E4.

Nikita Jasmine says he was dubbed unfairly as a MAFSUK "villain" before Celebs Go Dating.

Source link Nikita Jasmine says he was dubbed unfairly as a MAFSUK "villain" before Celebs Go Dating.

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