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Nightingale Court opens at Bolton Stadium

  • Extraordinary court set up at Bolton University Stadium
  • Nightingale Court serving the community while providing significant financial support to the wanderers
  • Part of a government plan to ensure that justice lasts throughout the pandemic

The University of Bolton’s £ 25m full-seat stadium exchanges referees and judges as it transforms into a Nightingale Court. It hosts two courts that can hear non-detention criminal cases and issue fines and community service orders. Cases deemed serious enough to spend in prison will be sent back to the Criminal Court for judgment.

Cases are heard in the room under the terrace of the Nat Lofthouse Stand (East) and West Stand, which are usually used for meetings. The venue will help free up space in the nearby Criminal Court for more jury trials – reduce delays and provide quicker justice to people in the northwest. It also provides the club with an important cash injection while the turn tiles remain closed due to blockade restrictions.

The versatile stadium has previously hosted concerts such as Oasis, Elton John and Coldplay. By the end of this month we will provide some of the 60 Nightingale Courts available nationwide-established by the government to increase and ease the pressure on the courts and court system caused by the pandemic.

Sir Wolfson QC, Minister of Court, said:

This new Nightingale Court is at the heart of the community and will help provide faster justice to people throughout Bolton.

Courts have been set up in cathedrals, hotels, theaters, and now football stadiums to help address the delays caused by the pandemic. This innovative approach has already increased the number of proceedings in court, while injecting the coveted cash into companies that have been hit financially in the last 12 months.

A spokesman for the Bolton Wanderers Football Club said:

The club is pleased to support the Bolton Crown Court by making the University of Bolton Stadium available as a Nightingale Court.

As a versatile venue in the heart of Bolton, we are proud to be able to re-support the local community for a difficult 12 months for everyone.

The move is part of a £ 113m government investment to support courts and referees during the coronavirus (COVID-19). This includes hiring an additional 1,600 staff, investing in more technology, and on-site safety measures such as plexiglass screens. This is in addition to £ 142m spent on speeding up technological improvements and modernizing courts. The impact of these measures has already been seen.

  • England and Wales are considered to be the first equivalent major jurisdictions in the world to resume jury trials, with hundreds listed each week.
  • The number of unresolved cases in the Magistrates’ Court has dropped by about 50,000 since its peak last summer.
  • The number of dispositions is slightly below pre-COVID-19 levels, but the Criminal Court continues to see an increase in the number of trials listed.
  • Over 20,000 hearings using remote technology are conducted weekly (compared to about 550 in March 2020), an increase of 4,000%

The decision to keep courts and referees open during the pandemic had a concrete impact on people’s lives. Between April and September 2020, more than 9,000 court orders were issued to protect children from female genital mutilation, forced marriage and domestic violence.

in the meantime, Large investment of £ 40m Recently announced is expert support for vulnerable victims: helpline funding and recruitment of more counselors. This is due to a recent spending review confirming an additional £ 337m to provide swift justice and assist victims in 2021/22. Meanwhile, £ 76m will further expand the capacity of family courts and courts.

Notes to editors

  1. Over £ 16m has been invested in various measures to address the impact of COVID-19. This includes hiring 1,600 additional staff and opening the Nightingale Court.
  2. We are also spending £ 153m on improving courts and court buildings. This is the largest single investment in court real estate maintenance for over 20 years.
  3. This progress is enhanced by additions £ 337m government spending next year An additional £ 76m will further enhance the capacity of family courts and courts, while providing faster justice and assisting victims.
  4. Details Measures to keep the court safe, secure and clean..
  5. For more information Operated by Nightingale Court..

Nightingale Court opens at Bolton Stadium

SourceNightingale Court opens at Bolton Stadium

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