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Nicolas Sturgeon caused a stir after attending the jubilee concert Great Britain |: news

At eight o’clock on Saturday evening, the British pop group Queen started an impressive and magnificent music concert in style. A large number of members of the royal family were present, including Prince Charles և Camilla, as well as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their two children, Prince George ք Princess Charlotte. Eagle-eyed spectators hurried to notice that two of the guests in the royal box were none other than First Minister of Scotland և her husband, Peter Murrell.

His presence on social media provoked a backlash from royal fans and trade unions.

One wrote: “I’m spying on Nicola Sturgeon at the Royal Box during a Platty Joobs concert.

“The millions of happy glances that shake Union Jacks should make him uncomfortable. That made it my day. “

While another was angry. “So Nicola Sturgeon և Peter Murel attends Platinum’s jubilee concert, sitting in a royal box with Princess Anne’s.

“Both are absolutely shameless.”

The third mocked. “Hopefully someone will catch him on camera waving his union flag.”

And the fourth wrote: “Why did @NicolaSturgeon accept invitations to Queens’s anniversary but the Scottish schoolboy turned down a book celebrating his 70th birthday?”

“Is it because he is wasting opportunistic, hypocritical territory?”

The British government has published a book coinciding with Platinum’s anniversary, which explains how the four nations came together as Great Britain.

The book was to be sent automatically to every public elementary school by the jubilee weekend.

However, authorities in both Scotland and Wales said their schools would only receive textbooks if they specifically requested it.

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Scotland’s first minister recently spoke of his deep respect for the British monarch, praising his “selfless commitment to duty”.

He said he wanted the Queen and her successors to remain in power if Scotland became independent.

Ms. Sturgeon has met with the British Sovereign on numerous occasions and said that having a regular private audience with her is one of the greatest privileges of her office.

He told the BBC: “I have benefited from it, I have learned from it, it is something I will always cherish.

“He is the one who has been at the forefront for the last 70 years of history. He has met with all the leaders of the world during that time.


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“It simply came to our notice then.

“The knowledge that gives him, the wisdom that gives him, the perspective that gives him, is far more valuable in these conversations than anything concrete that he might say.”

The 96-year-old monarch did not take part in the pop concert in front of Buckingham Palace.

In recent months she has had mobility problems, and the palace has warned in advance that the queen will discuss any jubilee events she may attend.

However, he delighted the royal fans by appearing in a comedy sketch with Paddington Bear before the start of the concert.

Nicolas Sturgeon caused a stir after attending the jubilee concert Great Britain |: news

Source Nicolas Sturgeon caused a stir after attending the jubilee concert Great Britain |: news

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