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Nicola Sturgeon’s EU dream backed by Guy Verhofstadt’s intervention: “Put them in!” | UK | News

The SNP, led by Ms. Sturgeon, has been promoting a second independent vote since the UK’s Brexit vote in 2016. Support for Scotland’s withdrawal has increased over the past 12 months, with more than 50% of Scotland consistently showing a desire to leave the UK. Ms. Sturgeon wants Scotland to join the EU, but rebelled in 2014 when former European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said it was “very difficult, if not impossible”. Faced with. – As the 2016 MEP Puy Verhofstadt comment shows.

He states: “If Scotland decides to leave the UK and become an independent state and they decide to become part of the EU, I don’t think there are major obstacles to doing so.”

He added that it is “suicide” for the EU to deny entry of people who are “sympathetic” to EU purposes.

After Britain resolved to leave the EU, Verhofstadt wrote on Twitter: “It is a mistake to be taken out of the EU when Scotland resolves to leave the EU.

“I’m happy to talk to Nicola Sturgeon.”

This sentiment was repeated by Belgian MEP Philippe Lamberts, who stated that Scotland’s participation in the block was “definitely yes.”

Regarding whether independent Scotland could join the EU, the co-representative of the European Green Party told Express.co.uk last month: “Yes, the answer is certainly yes.

“Even if the UK is not a member of the EU, it does not hinder Scotland’s membership.

“And this time the independence is different, because in 2014 Scotland left the UK and the EU at the same time.

“Currently, Scotland has left a small union and joined a large union.”

He also personally appreciated Mr. Sturgeon and turned her over as a future candidate for the President of the European Commission.

He continued: “Nikola Sturgeon comes across as a real person, a politically sensitive and credible person, but Boris Johnson soon comes across as a person you can’t trust.

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“Imagine Nicola Sturgeon as the chairman of the European Commission. She seems to be much closer to the center of gravity of European politics than Boris Johnson.”

Professor Aileen McHarg, a public law expert, also told Express.co.uk last summer that there are no legal barriers to Scotland’s accession to the EU.

She states: “The barriers for Scotland to join the EU are political rather than legal, because candidates to join the EU must comply with the set conditions.

“Scots law is now fully compliant with EU law, so it’s fairly easy to meet these conditions.

“Over time, bigger differences can occur, but that simply means that when Scotland wants to join the EU, things have to change.”

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However, a report released last February argued that Scotland had to wait up to five years to join the block.

A report entitled EU Blueprint Path for Scotland’s accession to the European Union under Independence was published by Edinburgh political scientist Anthony Salamone.

“Scotland will reasonably take four to five years to join the EU. The government should adopt the four-year EU accession target,” he said.

Nicola Sturgeon’s EU dream backed by Guy Verhofstadt’s intervention: “Put them in!” | UK | News

SourceNicola Sturgeon’s EU dream backed by Guy Verhofstadt’s intervention: “Put them in!” | UK | News

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