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Nicola Sturgeon will probably “open the way for someone else” if Scotland votes against independence again | Political news

Nicola Sturgeon has said he will likely step down if Scotland votes against independence again.

First Minister of Scotland He said he believed “when Scotland next votes for independence, he will vote yes”, but added that it would probably “open the way for someone else” if the result repeated the results of the last referendum in 2014.

Asked on ITV’s Loose Women what she would do if the Scottish Independence Referendum was held and the people voted to stay in the UK, Ms Sturgeon said: “I doubt I would open the way for someone else.

“But I’m not thinking about it right now.”

The SNP is firmly committed to holding this one independence referendum.

Boris Johnson has said that now is not the time for another Scottish independence referendum

The party has previously said that such a referendum should be held after the COVID crisis.

Last month, Boris Johnson He ruled out holding another referendum on Scottish independence while Europe was dealing with Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Speaking at the Scottish Conservative Conference in Aberdeen in March, the Prime Minister said: “It is not the time for more pleasant disputes over the Constitution, when our European continent is being ravaged by the most brutal war since 1945, when the state service and the economy. need to recover from the epidemic.

“When we face so many challenges, but when we also have so much to do for ourselves, so much to look forward to, let’s leave that endless fake division behind; let us move this country forward so that we can all be proud of our prosperity. giving us the opportunity տանը to lead at home, which makes us a good force in the world. ”

He added that “now is the time to move beyond the SNP parish’s constitutional short-sightedness” and called for a focus on “projects that will create jobs and growth across the UK”.

At the same time, Ms. Sturgeon added: Violation of COVID legislation by him was equivalent to the notification of a fine imposed by Mr. Johnson.

Earlier this week, Ms Sturgeon spoke to Scottish police to “remind her of the possibility of wearing a face mask when there is a legal requirement to do so”.

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Nicola Sturgeon was filmed without covering her face as she greeted clients at a hair salon in East Kilbride, while it still had a legal requirement indoors.

It came after footage showed the first minister apparently not wearing a mask as he greeted clients during a visit to a hair salon in East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire, on Saturday.

Until Monday, there was a legal requirement in Scotland to wear face masks in very closed public places.

Scotland’s first minister has apologized for what he said “for a few seconds” without covering his face, saying the officers were “absolutely right” to contact him.

Scottish police have confirmed that there is no need for further action against Ms Sturgeon.

Asked if she would resign for violating COVID rules because she demanded that Mr. Johnson do so, Ms. Sturgeon told Loose Women: “I do not think they are adequate.

“I was on the street, I was called to a hairdresser. I only forgot to put my mask on for a few seconds, it was in my pocket. ”

He continued. “These are serious violations with Boris at a time when the rest of the country was under very, very severe blockade.

“But that’s, roughly speaking, is that when it first appeared, he was not honest about it, he was not honest in the House of Commons.

“Indeed, it is very possible that people can trust the Prime Minister to tell the truth. There must be consequences for your actions. “

Ms Sturgeon added that it was true that she was having a “harder time” than others out of the public eye who had broken COVID rules.

Nicola Sturgeon will probably “open the way for someone else” if Scotland votes against independence again | Political news

Source Nicola Sturgeon will probably “open the way for someone else” if Scotland votes against independence again | Political news

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