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Nicola Sturgeon News: SNP Leader Mocked After Coronavirus Vaccine Abuse | UK | News

SNP accused by McRae for “nationalist brainwashing”

The first minister disputed the number of Scottish people aged 40-49 who received two coronavirus vaccines. The Scottish government wanted to vaccinate all people in this age group, but as of Tuesday only 77.3% were double-jabbed.

Ms. Sturgeon, who challenged the daily Covid briefing, replied:

“And I assume a particular ability to connect context and common sense to what I’m saying.”

In response, the Scottish Conservatives have tweeted edits to 50 clips since Ms. Sturgeon appeared before the Holyrood Commission investigating Alex Salmond’s scandal.

In the video, Ms. Sturgeon repeatedly denied knowing the details of the case with answers such as “I don’t know” and “I didn’t remember this meeting.”

Nicola Sturgeon accused of “Trump-style meltdown” (Image: Getty)


Nicola Sturgeon ignites Scottish coronavirus vaccine record (Image: Getty)

They added a quote from the Covid briefing to this. There, the SNP leader said she assumed that “there is some intelligence on the part of those who are listening to me.”

Ms. Sturgeon was accused of making misleading statements to her predecessor and mentor when she first heard about allegations of sexual assault.

Mr. Thurmond has always denied accusations and was acquitted of 12 sexual assault charges in March 2020, leaving another unproven.

In total, the video edit has been viewed 44,900 times.

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Sturgeon’s comment was attacked by Annie Wells MSP (Image: Getty)

We also received over 500 retweets and over 1,300 likes from other Twitter users.

Following Mr. Sturgeon’s comment, Scottish Tory’s health spokeswoman Annie Wells accused the first minister of speaking to the Scottish people.

She states: “The question after the question at the Covid Briefing on Tuesday received a complete Nicola Sturgeon disdainful eyeroll treatment.

“In years of Trump-style meltdowns, the Prime Minister claimed she was smarter and communicating at a higher level than our others.

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Only 77.3% of Scottish people aged 40-49 are double vaccinated (Image: Getty)


Over 46 million people across the UK receive at least one vaccine (Image: Getty)

“This kind of hostile performance treats the masses like fools.

“Her defense against missing a major vaccine target seems to be that no one but Nicola understands Nicola.”

Wells continues: “People who wanted answers to serious questions instead got really weird anger.

“She spoke to us just humans because she had the courage to believe that she meant what she said in the Scottish Parliament.”


The SNP is calling for a second referendum on taking Scotland out of the UK. (Image: EXPRESS)

Over 46 million people across the UK have received at least one coronavirus jab, and nearly 38 million have been fully vaccinated.

The government is urging people to get vaccinated to protect themselves and their loved ones and reduce the possibility of another blockade.

But in Scotland, as of Tuesday, 28.3 percent of 18-29 year olds had not yet received a single dose.


The government is urging the public to get vaccinated (Image: Getty)

The figure for people aged 30-39 was 19.4 percent.

The number of cases of coronavirus in the United Kingdom has been declining consistently over the past few days after peaking due to the highly infectious delta mutant.

Boris Johnson has warned of continued vigilance, and the increase in infections associated with unlocking in the United Kingdom on July 21 may not yet be visible in the numbers.

Nicola Sturgeon News: SNP Leader Mocked After Coronavirus Vaccine Abuse | UK | News

SourceNicola Sturgeon News: SNP Leader Mocked After Coronavirus Vaccine Abuse | UK | News

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