Nicola Sturgeon: Covid’s travel ban “may need to go further”

Nicola Sturgeon, ScotlandThe first minister of Travel restrictions Concerns about the new Omicron may require tightening COVID-19 variants.

“We must be open to everything,” said the Scottish Prime Minister to ensure the safety of Scottish citizens.

10 countries in southern Africa have already been added Red list, And the forced PCR test is set to be introduced to all arriving travelers from 04:00 on Tuesday (November 30th). Passengers must self-quarantine until they can prove a negative result.

Further restrictions include forced self-isolation for those who come into contact with Omicron cases, regardless of vaccination status.

Star John appears on the BBC Andrew Marr Show On Sunday (November 28), he said the new restrictions would come into effect “as soon as possible”, adding: Hope I’m wrong, but we need to be open to it. “

British Health Minister Sajid Javid, who also appeared in this morning’s episode of The Andrew Marr Show, said South African air passengers on Friday, despite concerns that some might have signed up for a new variant. He admitted that he was not tested when he arrived in the UK.

However, Javid said the UK “acted very quickly” in response to the Omicron variety. He went on to ask the Joint Committee on Immunization and Immunization (JCVI) to give “urgent advice on expanding the booster program.”

Omicron was first identified by South African scientists, but has since been detected in other countries around the world, including Germany, Australia, Israel and Hong Kong. Omicron has been designated as a “variant of concern” by the World Health Organization.

Ms. Sturgeon says she is not yet aware of the case of a new variant in Scotland, but warns that it is a “video.”

She added, “I hope not to identify the case in Scotland, but I think it should be assumed, so I’m asking people to act as if the new variant were in Scotland.” Added.

“Please adhere to all current mitigation and precautionary measures and adhere to them. If they are here, they will help delay the risk of infection.”

Nicola Sturgeon: Covid’s travel ban “may need to go further”

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