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Nicola Sturgeon blew up for “dither and delay” as the Scottish economy hit Covid | Politics | News

Prime Minister We will update the Scottish Parliament recalled with a virtual address on Wednesday afternoon. Deputy leader John Swinney said the Scottish government is “actively considering” shortening the period of self-isolation to mitigate the danger of staff shortages by highly infectious people. Omicron A variant containing “details” that follows on Wednesday’s briefing. COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection) The number of cases has skyrocketed in Scotland since Christmas, with 17,259 cases reported on Tuesday.

This came after a new record of 20,217 positive cases confirmed on Monday.

Ms. Sturgeon will address Holilud last week, just as Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross pressured her to change the period of self-quarantine in the United Kingdom.

Mr. Ross repeated this call due to the absence of national staff. Train driver ScotRail has reduced the number of services available, and Caledonian McBrain, a ferry provider in Scotland and the Scottish Islands, has significantly shortened timetables.

Mr Ross called on the Prime Minister to align Scottish self-isolation guidelines with British guidelines. Whether negative individuals can shorten quarantine on days 6 and 7 of quarantine.

He added that household contacts in positive cases should be released from quarantine, provided that they return a negative test result.

Ross said: “Scotland has the strictest self-quarantine rules anywhere in the UK.”

“I understand the need for caution, but Nicola Sturgeon’s dithering and delays are so numerous that they continue to have a significant impact on frontline services and the economy as a whole.”

Jackie Baillie, deputy leader of the Scottish Labor Party, also expressed support for this measure after both Wales and Northern Ireland shortened the quarantine period to seven days last week.

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She states: “SNP will use this update to see if it will change its self-quarantine requirements in line with the latest evidence and prevent staff absences from putting further pressure on businesses and services this winter.”

Deputy Prime Minister John Swinnie said:

“If we ignore the clinical aspects of this problem, we do not benefit anyone in any way, and we also allow individuals to return to work if they still have the virus. There is a risk of doing it. “

According to the Nursing Union RCN Scottland, staff shortages are damaging Scottish medical services and are a “real concern.”

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Eileen Mckenna of RCNScotland said:

“They are mentally and physically exhausted after almost two years of relentless pressure.”

This was repeated by Gillian Evans, Head of Health Intelligence at the NHS Grand Pian. He said this week will be “Crunch Week” to understand the magnitude of the impact of the Omicron variant.

She added that data in this area show that cases are doubling every three days.

She told BBC Scotland: “Everything will change this week as school returns and it becomes so clear in terms of the number of cases and their implications.

“I think this is a critical week for us. We are seeing these high cases, the impact of the school returning, and the impact of mixed generations on Christmas. All of this is shown in the data. Will be done.

“It will be very realistic for people who can disrupt their lifestyles as well as their health.”

The turmoil involves travel and transportation, and ScotRail Operations Director David Simpson said the operator “will introduce temporary changes to the timetable because we want to provide our customers with a certain level of certainty.” increase.

Nicola Sturgeon blew up for “dither and delay” as the Scottish economy hit Covid | Politics | News

SourceNicola Sturgeon blew up for “dither and delay” as the Scottish economy hit Covid | Politics | News

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