Nicola McLean attacked Ant and Dec with Naughty Boy’s “injustice” treatment

Nicola McLean Against I’m a celebrity … get me out of here! Organized Ant and Dec for “unfair” treatment of contestants Naughty boy..

A 40-year-old woman who appeared as a campmate in the ITV series many years ago attacked the host Ant and Dec, And other celebrities featured in this year’s show show an attitude towards Naughty Boy.

In her column Daily star, Nicola talked about how he felt about the music producer’s time in the reality competition so far, seeing how Ant and Deck acted against him at the Wednesday night trial. ..

Formerly I’m a celebrity contestant Nicola McLean believes Naughty Boy was treated “injustice”

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“They said he only needed to be there for 30 or 60 seconds, but he didn’t bring out snakes or anything else. They were with him all the time. ! “Nikola said.

“And I thought Adam Woodyatt and Simon Gløggson were pretty denying him. I don’t know if it’s just me or I have a special defense, but they do. I felt like it was.

Nicola likes Naughty Boy and can't understand why he's been treated negatively in her latest column
Nicola supports Naughty Boy, and Adam Woodyatt and Simon Gløggson think they “quite denied him.”

“And Ant and Deck, like when Arlene kept dropping stars and really helped her so much, but when I was there, my husband actually tweeted.

“And I felt they gave Arlene such an unreasonable amount of help, but they were like” closed mouths, naughty boys. ” It’s funny, but it’s not at the same time. “

The star described her as a fan of Naughty Boy, but some viewers sometimes found him “nuisance” with his camping buddies.

Nicola believes that campmates Adam Woodyatt and Simon Gløggson have denied a particularly naughty boy.
Naughty boy ruffled some feathers in the camp

“I really like Naughty Boy, but if that makes sense, do you feel he might be” annoying “at the camp? Well, he’s the one they all delved into, “Nikola continued.

“There are certain members of the camp like Naughty Boy, where people think they can say anything to him.

“They are rolling a lot of eyes as if he were an annoying younger brother, but is he so annoying? Because I have never seen annoying things.

“But you have to keep in mind that not everything in progress will be displayed …”

Nicola was a participant in I'm A Celeb in 2008
Nicola was a participant in I’m A Celeb in 2008

In Thursday’s episode, contestant Frankie Bridge sang a pop ballad with Naughty Boy, but both were soaked in dirty liquids, so fans of I’m A Celeb said they were both musical stars. Thinking about it, I wasn’t surprised.

“I fully agree with that, but the trauma of when things have to go down and trying to get things done properly is difficult,” Nicola responded to the reaction from the audience.

“But I would definitely not pay for a concert to see them, I don’t know you …

“I think they did well in the trial, but Frankie seemed to be completely frozen. I remember doing the trial when I was in Gank’s tank and it was frozen, so I really sympathize with her there. can do.”

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Nicola McLean attacked Ant and Dec with Naughty Boy's "injustice" treatment

Source link Nicola McLean attacked Ant and Dec with Naughty Boy's "injustice" treatment

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