Nicky Clark’s bride Kelly Simpkin reveals that she designed her wedding dress

When a celebrity beautician gets married, it will always be a stylish event.

Nicky Clark made famous facial hair including: Naomi Campbell, Kate moss, Freida Pinto, When Diana, Princess of WalesMarried Kelly Simpkin at a beautiful ceremony at Old Marylebone Town Hall, the couple have a special day all right!..

Nicky trimmed his wife’s hair (of course) before the ceremony, but revealed that Kelly wanted to add a unique take to the wedding dress, which is a special aspect of the day.

Kelly, who had her own fashion brand, looked graceful with her own floor-to-floor bridal gown.

Bride with her mother Jacqueline

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she said all right!: “We booked the city hall on Friday and the dress was designed by Sunday. One night we were lying in bed and sketched the design. That was all.

“It’s based on my favorite dress I designed earlier. Then when I made my first fitting, I changed it a bit. It was made by Tanya Dimitrova who was doing my sample for me. I did.

“It was nice to return to Tanya, which I know very well, because she has done a lot for me in the past.”

A stunning wedding dress in its full-length glory

The great dress included pearl beads on the back, elegant puff sleeves and a flashy tie on the front.

“She looked great,” said 63-year-old Nicky.

The day itself was a double celebration as Kelly celebrated his 40th birthday.

The bride had a bouquet of roses, chrysanthemums, eucalyptus, olives, oats, amaranth and cockscomb that Kelly chose from the New Covent Flower Market and the couple’s garden.

The bouquet and the matching headband were created by Kelly’s florist’s mother, Jacqueline.

There is no jitter on Kelly's wedding day!
There is no jitter on Kelly’s wedding day!

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The couple have been together for 14 years when Kelly met while working as a hairdresser at Nicky’s Salon.

Kelly also added a creative touch to the reception table, decorated with candles, eucalyptus garlands, bays and olive foliage.

“I wanted a simple theme with lots of leaves. I didn’t want anything that was too structured or too formal,” says Kelly.

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Nicky Clark's bride Kelly Simpkin reveals that she designed her wedding dress

Source link Nicky Clark's bride Kelly Simpkin reveals that she designed her wedding dress

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