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Nicki Minaj-Chris Whitty blows up a “ridiculous” singer and a “strange” anti-vacer – before she fights back

Chris Whitty condemned the myth of “ridiculous” and “strange” vaccines advocated by American pop star Nicki Minaj.

Chief Medical Officer People who spread falsehoods about the Covid vaccine Press conference this afternoon.


Chris Whitty accused Nicki Minaj after saying he wouldn’t vaccinate 22.6 million followers

This will come later Wrapper A friend of her cousin got a jab and told her 22.6 million followers that his “testicles were swollen”- So you would n’t vaccinate yourself...

In response to disseminating false information about highly successful and life-saving vaccines, Chris Whitti said today:

“It happens to be one of them, and that’s not true.

“There are groups of people with strange beliefs, that’s fine, and they make their own choices. People are adults who are allowed to make their own choices.

“But some people try to discourage others from taking potentially life-threatening vaccines or prevent themselves from causing life-threatening injuries.

“And I think many of those people, unfortunately, know they are forging the truth, but they still do.

“In my view, they should be ashamed.”

Do I love him even though I think this was a diss? Tired of accents! Yassss boo !!!

Nicki Minaj counterattacks Chris Whitty

In response to a question from journalists, Boris Johnson said:

“She will tell you that the vaccines are great and everyone should get them.

“That’s why I like listening to Nikki Kanani.”

The rapper responded to the call by tweeting a video. Whitty’s comment: “I think this was a dis, do you love him? I’m sick of the accent! Yassboo !!!”

Minage recently caused a turmoil over her opinion on the Covid vaccine.

She points out that she knows someone who claims to have responded badly to the vaccine: “Trinidad’s cousin cannot be vaccinated because his friend got the vaccine and was helpless. His testicles. Was swollen.

“His friend was a few weeks away from the marriage, so the girl has now canceled the wedding.

“So don’t just pray about it and be bullied, make sure you’re happy with your decision.”

She went to Twitter on Monday and explained that she wouldn’t attend the Met Gala because she refused to get the Covid vaccine.

The 38-year-old told her fans: “They want you to be vaccinated against the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

“If you feel like you’ve done enough research, that’s what it is. I’m working on it now.

“In the meantime, keep my loved ones safe. Wear a mask with two laces that grab your head and face. It’s not that loose.”

PM COVID Toolbox

This will come later Boris Johnson warned that masks, telecommuting, and even vaccine passports could return under the government’s winter Covid program.

The Prime Minister has announced a “toolbox” of harsh emergency measures that may be imposed with sudden notices to combat the new surge.

At a briefing on Downing Street, he was bullish, saying his plans “will give us confidence that we don’t have to go back to the blockades of the past.”

However, a dark top document warned of a surge in winter as students returned to school and the NHS was tackling the usual seasonal tensions.

Professor Chris Whitty warned, “Winter is coming and people should take it seriously.”

Johnson said the UK jab deployment laid the country on a strong foundation to survive the cold weather.

The Prime Minister said: “As a result of this vaccination campaign, we have become one of Europe’s freest societies and one of the most open economies.

In major Covid development:

  • the government 5-point plan A Focusing on jabs, test And border control
  • Another state blockade was not ruled out to crack down on worrying about new variants
  • Vaccine passports can also be used in indoor environments such as nightclubs and pubs.
  • For the most vulnerable people over the age of 50 Booster shot From this autumn
  • Professor Chris Whitty said anti-boxers like Nicki Minaj who disseminate false information “should be ashamed.”

“That’s why we’re sticking to our strategy right now. In essence, we’ll continue.”

Former Health Minister Sajid Javid has presented five government plans A to keep the virus away when the NHS plunges into a seasonal surge.

This includes vaccine booster blitz, testing and tracing, sending £ 5 billion to the NHS over the next six months, influenza vaccination campaigns, and maintaining strong border controls.

But speaking at Commons, Javid also revealed government plan B in case the hospital was at risk of flooding.

He told the MP: “We have seen how quickly this virus adapts and changes, so it is necessary to prevent unsustainable pressure on the NHS and can only be called if the data supports it. I prepared Plan B. “

They include legally mandating face masks in crowded environments, emphasizing the need for attention, and ordering people to work from home.

Passports for disliked vaccines have been shelved for now, but Javid warned that they could be introduced suddenly a week ago.

In that case, Covid certification is required for all nightclubs, indoor venues with over 500 people, and outdoor environments with over 1,000 people.

Nicki Minaj video on Boris with a hilarious English accent after spats with Chris Whitty

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Nicki Minaj-Chris Whitty blows up a “ridiculous” singer and a “strange” anti-vacer – before she fights back

SourceNicki Minaj-Chris Whitty blows up a “ridiculous” singer and a “strange” anti-vacer – before she fights back

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