Nick Cannon’expecting his eighth child months after his son’s tragic loss

Nick Cannon I’m allegedly expecting his eighth child.

Star Lost 5 months old Zen From a rare form of brain tumor on December 5, 2021.

now, TMZ Nick expects a baby with realtor Bure Thiesi, and the star reports that he recently held a baby shower in Malibu.

Nick can be seen in the image of his arms wrapped around a blur hugging a baby’s bump with a snap obtained from an American website.

Nick Cannon is reportedly expecting his eighth child

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Nick looks pure white with a snap when celebrating with Bure, surrounded by pink and blue balloons.

The couple are also said to have revealed during the shower that the baby’s gender is male.

understood! I contacted Nick’s representative

A 41-year-old comedian has released catastrophic news that his son Zen died at the Nick Cannon show on Tuesday, December 7.

Nick later explained that model Alyssa Scott, who shared her son, “spent a short time with a true angel” after her seventh child, Zen, became a condition called hydrocephalus, a fluid accumulation. To the brain.

Nick Cannon has released sad news that his son Zen died just five months after birth.
The couple is also said to have revealed during the shower that the baby’s gender is male.

A comedian who celebrated Zen with Alyssa in California on June 23, 2021, told people at the time: I hugged him longer. “

The beloved father is also the father of the five-month-old twins Zion and Zillion, with his daughter Powerful Queen (11 months), son Golden (4 years old), and twins Morocco and Monroe (10 years old): I continue to do so.

“I consider being his father a great privilege.”

In August 2021, Nick and Alyssa were told that two-month-old Zen was diagnosed with high-grade glioma, a tumor found in the brain and spinal cord.

Doctors placed a shunt on the Zen skull to drain excess water, but the tumor continued to grow and parents faced discussions about different treatments.

However, the couple decided to oppose more invasive treatments, including chemotherapy, and decided to give Zen “the best life he has.”

Nick and Mariah Carey share two kids
Nick also shares two children with Mariah Carey

Nick revealed how the couple took Zen to Disneyland and celebrated his birthday every month. They considered him still with them as a “victory.”

In his talk show, a television star tearfully revealed how the family discovered that they were fighting a type of brain tumor called hydrocephalus.

“I was always aware that he was coughing, so I wanted to check it,” he explained. “He was taking this interesting breath, and by the end of the two months he noticed that he also had this nicely sized head, the cannon head. We’re thinking nothing about it. I didn’t. But I wanted to take him to the doctor because of sinusitis. I breathe. We thought it was routine. “

When my family thought it was a “daily visit,” I found that Zen had fluid in his head and had a malignant tumor.

Nick shared a photo of his son Zen and told the audience at the show what had happened.
Nick shared a photo of his son Zen and told the audience at the show what had happened.

Later, the baby Zen underwent brain surgery and a shunt to drain fluid, Nick explained.

Nick thanked the doctors and nurses for helping him take care of his son, saying he and Alyssa were “faithful and hopeful,” and Dad Nick “accepted every moment.”

He added that he was grateful to his family for being “come with” and “indecisive” and that Zen’s “amazing” mother, Alyssa, was “the best mother possible.”

But at Thanksgiving things got worse tragically.

“There was an interesting turn at Thanksgiving,” Nick said in tears. “And things just speeded up.”

He added, “The tumor began to grow much faster, so we knew it was time …” he stopped with tears.

He then explained how he and Alyssa spent an important moment with their son last weekend.

Nick shed tears when announcing tragic news
Nick shed tears when announcing tragic news

He recalled: “This weekend, I worked hard to spend the most fulfilling time with Zen.

“We woke up on Sunday, and I just … felt like I wanted to go to the water near the sea, so we had the opportunity to go to the sea.

“And usually on Sundays, you can handle everything you have to do with your family and return to New York to be here for you.

“But I wanted the sun to rise and hug my son. And … finally … finally hugged my son …” Papa Nick cried as the audience heard in shock. I did.

Nick Cannon and Alyssa Scott's son Zen died in five months
Nick shared his deceased son with Alyssa Scott

He added: “It was a beautiful environment. Even when I was holding my son, I was preparing for the day as usual, so it was fun to spend the whole day. Even when I got in the car and headed to the airport, I looked back. I had to do it. “

The audience applauded before the TV stars continued. I wanted to be sad with my family today. “

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Nick Cannon'expecting his eighth child months after his son's tragic loss

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