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American comedian and presenter Nick Cannon has announced that his five-month-old son, Zen, has died after being diagnosed with a brain tumor.

The 41-year-old reported the news in the latest episode of the Nick Cannon show on YouTube and told viewers, “I had a tough, very tough weekend.”

“The most affectionate … always smiling and always having the most beautiful spirit,” Canon said of the youngest.

Zen was born in June, and Canon remembered the moment when he and his partner, model Alyssa Scott, were told that their brains were hydrated, and discovered that they had a “malignant tumor in their head.”

“Soon we had to undergo surgery and brain surgery, and we put a shunt in his head, and we wanted the best,” said Got Talent host in the United States. rice field.

“At that time we were loyal and hopeful, and we continued. He was still playing with his brothers and sisters, and I had the opportunity to accept just every moment. . “

But before and after Thanksgiving, Canon said there were “interesting turns” and “speeding up the process.”

He explained how his family went on a last trip to the sea with their son over the weekend.

Holding back tears, he told the audience:

“This weekend I made a good effort to have the best time I could spend with Zen. And we woke up on Sunday, and I just went to the water and near the sea I wanted to go. “

Nick Cannon showed his photo with Zen in a video announcement

“I hugged my son last, but it was still a beautiful environment,” he said.

“We could not only see the sunrise, but also the sunset.”

His speech met the cheers of fans watching in the studio, and people shared a supportive message on social media.

He ends the show by saying, “I don’t know what someone is experiencing, hug your people, hug your family, kiss someone, tell them you love them.” rice field.

Masked Singer US hosts have seven children, including Zen. He shares Mariah Carey and his two eldest sons.

After a few weeks of dating, the pair tied a knot in 2008 and renewed their vows in 2013, but filed for divorce a year later.

Nick Cannon: US Comedian Announces Death of Five Months Son | Ent & Arts News

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