NHS emergency services prepare for a surge in demand this weekend

NHS Emergency services are preparing for a mass call this weekend as Britain prepares to face Italy in the Euro 2020 final in the midst of a summer crisis. hospital..

Independent Patients learned that they were forced to wait up to an hour outside an A & E department, where they had to wait up to 20 hours in bed earlier this week.

In Scotland, call volume to the NHS 24 phone helpline has increased by up to 60% over a year ago, with some waiting 90 minutes.

Meanwhile, rising pressure on England’s NHS 111 system has been blamed for NHS England’s decision to discontinue its dedicated Covid phone rating service as incidents began to increase across the UK.

South East Coast Ambulance Service This week, along with four other ambulance services in England, declared “Black Alert” to prepare for this weekend’s phone increase in line with the Euro finals in Wembley.

After winning the semi-finals in England, the service surged 50% in ambulance calls one hour after the match compared to the hour before the match.

The trust said it was seeking help from the public ahead of the final against Italy on Sunday night. Like the rest of the country, the service has been in high demand for several weeks, handling 3,000 calls per day, compared to the usual average of about 2,500. ..

One of the staff said Independent On Friday, the service was “at the border meltdown.” The crew were forced to take breaks miles away from their home base and were expected to work beyond the end of the shift due to delays in the hospital, causing staff morale to decline. Added.

A spokesperson for South East Coast Ambulance Services said:

“We strive to treat patients as soon as possible, prioritizing the treatment of the most seriously ill or injured patients. The best way to seek emergency treatment is to call 111 first. Or use 111 online to evaluate. The most appropriate service available. “

In the last few days Independent Reported Concerns about unsustainable demand About the A & E department and ambulances as the government is pushing to end all coronavirus restrictions on July 19.

At Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, patients were lining up outside the A & E department door for over an hour to make an appointment for a consultation on Thursday. Department staff revealed that some patients had been waiting in the hospital bed for 20 hours.

Thursday Independent report Wait 15 hours at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth.

And because the infection is increasing all over the country, Independent The NHS England has learned to discontinue the Covid Clinical Assessment Service, which was set up to relieve pressure on the NHS 111 at the start of the pandemic.

CCAS used retired GPs and other clinicians to respond to 500,000 patient calls during a pandemic. However, this quietly stopped and the contract expired on June 30th, but the service call was returned to NHS111 on May 23rd.

One of the former workers employed by CCAS said: [the closure of CCAS] It has to do with the growing demand for unscheduled care in June. “

They added: “It seems strange to quit now. Even after being vaccinated, people are infected with Covid and need access to the service.”

Meanwhile, in Scotland, hospitals across the country have declared black alerts, resulting in a surge in phone helpline calls.

Staff working at the NHS24 call center say that some patients face a 90-minute wait to pass, and ambulances are in great demand, so it takes 11-12 hours to reach some patients. Said.

A spokesperson for NHS24 confirmed that current demand is 50-60% higher than in 2020, with an average waiting time of 16 minutes.

They say: “As with the entire NHS throughout Scotland, the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in increased demand for NHS24 services.

“Callers may have to wait longer than we want to answer the call. Currently, patients calling with Covid-19 symptoms have about 24 to 111 calls to 111. It accounts for 30% and has seen an increase in the last few weeks. “

Since January, we have hired an additional 192 staff to meet demand.

A spokesperson for NHS England said:

“The NHS capacity has changed according to patient needs, and the 111 calls associated with covid have been significantly reduced since CCAS was first introduced, but quickly added 111 capacity as needed. You can launch it.

“All NHS 111 call handlers can advise you on the best way to proceed if your patient has Covid symptoms. If you need urgent care, go to NHS 111 online or call 111 to get the best out of it. Please decide the option. “

NHS emergency services prepare for a surge in demand this weekend

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