NHS apps reach 6 million thanks to Covid vaccine function

You can now brag about the NHS app Over 6 million users Across the UK, 2,737,842 new users have been added since the May 17 update, which added individual Covid-19 vaccination status data. Ministry of Public Health (DHSC).

Don’t get confused The controversial Covid-19 contact tracing appThis service allows users to address various aspects of medical care, such as booking a general practitioner, ordering repetitive prescriptions, and displaying organ donor preferences. It also provides access to general practitioner health records, including allergies, prescribed medications and test results, and general health advice.

“Technology is undoubtedly playing a major role in providing health care today and in the future. It’s great to download, use and see the many people who are benefiting from the NHS app,” said the Minister of Health. Said Matt Hancock.

“It’s important to embrace the momentum built up last year using technology and innovation in the healthcare sector to improve patient care, care and experience beyond the pandemic.”

Sir Bethel, Minister of Innovation, added: “The NHS app is a great tool that not only gives people access to Covid-19 vaccine status, but also easy access to NHS services. We see over 6 million users currently enrolled in the app. Is great and is a good example of how technology makes medical services more efficient and easy to access. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, we recommend that you download it to see your benefits. I will. “

According to DHSC, more than 5 million individual users have logged into the app in the past month alone, with over 50,000 general practitioner appointments, 600,000 prescription requests, 50,000 new organ donor registrations, and lives. May save. NHS experts quickly understand and execute people’s wishes when they die, saving and improving thousands of other lives.

By comparison, DHSC revealed in April 2021 that the app had 1,521,361 individual logins, 30,238 general practitioner appointments, and 393,009 prescription requests.

As mentioned earlier, most of the recent surge in app usage is the addition of Covid-19 vaccine status, also known as vaccine passports. This was first announced at the end of April In front of me May update,in spite of Widespread privacy concerns..

With this update, the app will be one of the first internationally compliant systems in the world to show the status of the Covid-19 vaccine, making it easy for travelers to show that they have a jab if needed. ..

“”The Covid-19 Status Service was launched in a few weeks by a team dedicated to delivering critical services to users on time.“” Said Matthew Gould, CEO of NHSX. “”It opens sporting events, facilitates travel, Encourage the use of The NHS service is online. “

NHS apps reach 6 million thanks to Covid vaccine function

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