NHS 111 is “overwhelmed” by customers asking if the rash is a chicken pox

The NHS 111 The helpline is “overloaded” with people calling to check if it is Rash Maybe Monkey flower– Said a senior health official.

A further 16 cases were reported in England on Friday, which has risen to 101 since the virus began.

There have also been three confirmed cases in Scotland and one in Northern Ireland and Wales.

but The risk remains lowThe United Kingdom Health Insurance Agency (UKHSA) asks people to beware of any new rashes or lesions that appear in the form of spots, ulcers or blisters.

The UKHSA said that since most of the cases reported so far were gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men, it is particularly asking these people To know the symptomsEspecially if they have just had a new sexual partner.

Monkeypox (PA) Different stages

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While there is official advice for people to call NHS 111 or the local sexual health service if they think they may have symptoms, the head of the UKHSA team investigating the epidemic on Friday said health officials are now trying to point people to the latter. Options.

“You can see anyone in a sexual health clinic, regardless of gender, sexual orientation and identity. “Everyone is welcome,” Mateo Prochazka told a webinar organized by Prepster, a group originally set up to raise awareness about HIV medicine that has been trying to hurt monkeys in recent weeks.

“There are other potential ways to get into the system, maybe call NHS 111, but it’s overwhelmed by the fact that everyone is calling who has a rash. “We try to get people to sexual health clinics.”

Infections spread throughout Europe


Argentina became the first Latin American country to declare monkey cases as a viral disease on Friday Continued to spread In Central and West African countries where it is endemic.

In up to 20 countries where monkey pox is not endemic, epidemics have broken out in recent weeks, mostly in Europe. Her The symptoms are similar According to the World Health Organization, chickenpox patients in the past, although clinically less severe.

Dr Susan Hopkins, UKHSA Senior Medical Adviser, said on Friday: “We continue to be able to quickly identify monkey cases in England thanks to our extensive surveillance and contact tracking networks, our sober NHS services and people with symptoms.

“We ask people to show new spots, sores or blisters on any part of the body.

“If anyone suspects you may have this, especially if they have just had a new sexual partner, they should limit contact with others and contact NHS 111 or your local sexual health service as soon as possible, but please call in advance before you go in person. . ”

NHS 111 is “overwhelmed” by customers asking if the rash is a chicken pox

Source link NHS 111 is “overwhelmed” by customers asking if the rash is a chicken pox

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