NHL to increase the cap since 2022/23

The National Hockey League is going to increase the salary cap starting from the next year, season 2022/23.

What is the salary cap, and how did this rule appear?

NHL is among the most popular world tournaments even outside the ice hockey discipline. For instance, NHL online betting is the second most popular section on BetSofa. The experts convince the world’s community that commercial success directly depends on the salary cap.

NHL history began in 1917, and this powerful community always hails renovations that aim to improve the ecosystem in general. The salary cap announcement appeared in 2005 and led to the huge labor conflict. As a result, there was a 1-year pause without matches. At the same time, the cap was implemented, and since then, the league has been controlling salaries, supporting teams, and making them more competitive.

What are the new conditions?

According to Daily Faceoff insider Frank Seravalli, the NHL salary cap is going to rise by $1 million since the 2022/23 season. As such, the maximum will reach $82.5 million, while in the three previous seasons, the limit remained unchanged at $81.5 million. The insider highlights the news as a planned measure, following the deal between NHL and the Players Association.

Furthermore, the salary cap increase is explained by two important events to take place in 2020/21. Seattle Kraken joined the league, paying more than 600 million to become the NHL part. Furthermore, new contracts with Walt Disney Company and Warner Media are about to bring the league $4.8 billion profit in 2021/22.

What does it mean for the teams?

Foremost, we need to watch the existing salaries of NHL teams to understand which ones are the richest clubs.

According to Sportrac, the following teams have the highest total salaries:

The salary cap means the total salary of all hockey players who are on the team. How is it possible that four teams exceed the limit? The cap doesn’t take injured players into account, as they cannot impact the results.

While talking about the richest players, the top-5 contains the following stars:

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