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Creator Economy Welcome Boost as Newsflare concludes a Series B investment round

London, New York, Los Angeles January 13, 2022: News flareIs one of the world’s leading licensing platforms and marketplaces for User Generated Video (UGV) and has completed a Series B Accelerator funding round to drive faster growth.

A £ 5m investment from two of the UK’s leading TMT venture funds expands Newsflare’s global footprint, grows talented teams and expands studio and marketplace businesses in Europe, North America and Asia. Used to do. More people will see Newsflare’s unique and exciting content-and more money will be returned to the creator economy.

Newsflare shares revenue with over 45,000 strong global member-based photographers who capture a diverse, unique and powerful new video content licensed. The business has returned over US $ 11 million to individual photographers, primarily those who have their smartphones in the right place and at the right time.

Led by Foresight Group and existing investor Edge Investments, this funding round will allow Newsflare to increase the number of fully licensed UGV clips on state-of-the-art platforms and accelerate growth. Business-specific technology and Trust Algorithm ™ authenticate IP ownership and enable customers, including world-leading media companies, brands, agencies and social media platforms, to quickly and securely discover and license UGV content. increase.

Jon Cornwell, CEO and co-founder of Newsflare, announced a funding round, saying:

“Video continues to dominate the world of media, and consumption levels are rising in a variety of formats, including online, social, connected, and linear TV. Producers, advertisers, and publishers are” raw and real. ” We hope that the content will connect with viewers who are increasingly paying attention to UGV, which captures what Newsflare has dubbed “the biggest show on the planet.”

“We are pleased to welcome Foresight Group as a new investor in Newsflare at a time when the Creator Economy is recognized as one of the commercial opportunities of the era. We thank the Newsflare teams around the world for our vision. Their passion and commitment to values, values ​​and missions have made us successful so far and make the next stage of our journey very exciting. We also thank our existing investors for their unwavering beliefs and support over the years. “

Newsflare invests in three key drivers of growth.

  1. Unique Technology – Based on Newsflare’s already established rights clearance solution, Trust Algorithm ™, to develop more automation to enhance the buyer’s search and discovery experience, author’s upload and monetization experience. It is said that.
  1. Expand the market share of the Newsflare Marketplace across the UK, US, Europe and SE Asia, allowing publishers, TV producers, brands and advertisers to use the power of UGV to attract, attract and generate new revenue streams. To support.
  1. Growing Newsflare Studios Social Media Presence – Introducing the best videos from the market attracts more consumer viewers than ever before.

Lindsay Duebendorfer, Investment Manager at Foresight Group, commented:

“As UGV content becomes increasingly popular as a major source of compelling media content, we look forward to supporting Newsflare by continuing its impressive growth trajectory over the next few years. The team has a wealth of experience and we are pleased to have chosen Foresight as our partner for this exciting inflection. “

Edge Investments states: “We have been supporting Newsflare since 2016 and are impressed with the progress we have made so far. We will continue to support our business and welcome Foresight.”


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About Newsflare

Life with all colors and madness, sights and sounds, victory and tragedy is the biggest show on the planet. A spectacle that requires users to share with viewers around the world through engaging and engaging videos created by users.

Newsflare’s ever-growing membership of photographers around the world captures life on the fly and uploads new clips to the ever-expanding giant vault all day, every day. A variety of emotionally powerful content and fresh ideas are booming and can resonate with viewers on all platforms. It also makes searching, selecting, and licensing clips quick and easy. Important moments are captured anytime, anywhere and viewers are hungry to see them. So dive into the news flare and give them the front row seats of the biggest show on the planet.

About Foresight Group

Foresight Group was founded in 1984 and is the head of listed infrastructure and private equity investment managers. With a long-standing focus on ESG and sustainability-driven strategies, we aim to provide attractive returns to institutional and retail investors from the inaccessible private market. Foresight focuses on solar and onshore wind assets, bioenergy and waste, as well as projects that enable renewable energy, energy efficiency management solutions, social and core infrastructure projects, and sustainable forestry assets. And manages over 300 infrastructure assets. Its private equity team manages eight region-focused investment funds across the UK and supports more than 120 small businesses. Foresight has an AUM of £ 8.1 billion as of September 30, 2021 and operates in 12 offices across six countries in Europe and Australia. ForesightGroupHoldingsLimit was listed on the main market of the London Stock Exchange in February 2021.

About Edge Investments

Edge invests in creativity and acts as a bridge between underserved creative entrepreneurs in the financial world. Edge gives visionary investors their financial capital, along with Edge’s intellectual capital and our own financial capital behind the best entrepreneurs in the sector, who account for nearly 15% of the total economy. Provides an opportunity to invest.

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Newsflare Secures £ 5m Invest in Series B Leaded by Foresight Group – UK Tech Investment News

Source link Newsflare Secures £ 5m Invest in Series B Leaded by Foresight Group – UK Tech Investment News

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