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New UK Laws and Reports Needed to Stop Hate Speech and Extremism | Anti-Terrorism Policy

A large gap in the law allows for praise of terrorism, the spread of hatred, and the need for extensive crackdowns to prevent more violence, the official report said.

Report from Committee to counter radicalism The (CCE) calls for consideration of new legislation with groups accused of spreading the ban in the face of hatred.

Potential targets nominated by the CCE may include the far right English Defense League Cage has been accused of supporting Islamic extremists and violence.

A committee established by the government in 2017 also argued that a stricter approach may have discovered it. Thomas Mare, The man who assassinated a Labor lawmaker Jo Cox In 2016, we were heading for violent extremism.

The report was co-authored by Chairman Sarah Khan and former Terrorist Sir Mark Lowry.

Current law praises Adolf Hitler, denies the Holocaust, praises Osama Bin Laden, the far-right murderer, etc. Anders Brevik And Christchurch Mosque Attacker Brenton Tarrant was legal unless the material directly encouraged violence.

According to the report, other legal sources “promote false allegations about” white genocide “to stir up hatred of racial or religious groups, but threaten, abuse, or insult. Includes a Circular Pamphlet for Untargeted Fascist Extremist Organizations.

This corresponds to a “gap crevice,” Raleigh added: “Not only is our law not keeping up with the evolving threat of modern extremism, but current legal boundaries allow extremists to operate exempt.

“The extremism of hatred is not only creating an increasingly large pool for terrorists to recruit, but also increasing violence, hate crimes and tensions between and within communities. The current situation is simply It’s unacceptable. “

Laurie said he was shocked by the spread of radicalism and its spread in recent years, inspired by the internet and social media.

Home Secretary Pretty Patel has been briefed on the report and is studying its recommendations.

Successive governments since 2005 are trying to strengthen Britain’s stance on current terrorism and radicalism against public order and morals. However, previous efforts have failed due to concerns that the new law could criminalize objections, free speech, and unpopular opinions. Attempt by Cameron Government It failed because it couldn’t define extremism.

The report by CCE has received the support of critics of previous efforts, including activist Peter Tatchell. Tony Blair and David Cameron also support the findings of the report.

According to Laurie, the study aims to “advance the ideology of political, religious, and racial supremacy” by one group and “crime, terrorism, or other violence.”

It is based on a concept already used in terrorist trials. This is a “thinking material” where extremist materials such as far-right and Islamic extremist videos are accepted as evidence of existing extremists.

The biggest example of radicalism that caused great harm Angem Chaudary Who was linked as a spokesperson for Al-Muhajiroun and his successor group Up to 100 terrorists..

The Commission stated that possession of terrorist material should be criminalized. Such an approach may have captured Khuram Butt, a former friend of Choudary, the mastermind behind the 2017 London Bridge attack.He was arrested and released years before the atrocities Despite possessing the opening video and Isis promotion Simply owning them was not considered a crime.

The newly proposed approach is Opposition to British values It is a sign of extremism and suggests that the classification system can be used to rank the risks posed by extremist sources as well as those used in pedophile sources and the harm caused by drugs. ..

Laurie said the Internet needed a stricter approach, but pointed out that tech companies could do little until the definition of what was considered radicalism was accepted. “The Internet is a big threat from side shows due to the expansion of social media.”

The report said there were signs of concern that young people were being fooled by extremists.

In the survey, 15% of young people and 20% of young male respondents to the 2020 poll said that “the official Nazi Holocaust account is a lie,” and in other polls, young people are pensioners. I quoted a number that showed that it could be five times higher. I believe I’m lying to the Jews.

Cages have long been thorns on the part of government and anti-terrorism authorities. Proponents say it is a community-based group that fights the overkill of the “war on terrorism.” Kahn said cages could meet the standards of conduct if stricter measures were adopted.

Cage blamed the commission for introducing the state version of the cancellation culture. A spokeswoman said: “The CCE appears to be implementing an” official “state-approval policy on” cultural cancellation “that asserts further restrictions on legitimate speech. The views advanced by the CCE represent the authoritarian and Islamophobia fringe lobby within the Hall of Fame. “

“Cage’s track record of being accountable for government overkill and breach of due process is well established. The CCE has selected a Muslim-led organization for warnings related to prevention and” institutional Islamophobia. ” Interestingly, this criticism has also been made by experienced scholars, UN reporters and experts.

“Three years later, and at the expense of large taxpayers, the CCE finishes its job without further clarity as to what” radicalism “is. Instead, it promotes ideas from some of the industry’s most severe Islamophobia and censored organizations. “

New UK Laws and Reports Needed to Stop Hate Speech and Extremism | Anti-Terrorism Policy

SourceNew UK Laws and Reports Needed to Stop Hate Speech and Extremism | Anti-Terrorism Policy

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