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New system for overseas travel

  • New and clearer travel system: Red List and the rest of the world
  • Easier and Cheaper Rules for Fully Vaccinated Travelers from Countries Other Than the Red List – Fully Vaccinated Passengers Make PCR Tests from End of October to Day 2 for Cheaper Immunochromatography It can be replaced, eliminating the need to take pre-departure tests. (PDT)
  • Eight destinations, including Turkey and Pakistan, have been removed from the Red List
  • The government allows full vaccination from 17 more countries and regions, including Japan and Singapore

Secretary of Transportation Grant Shapps today (September 17, 2021) announced a simplified system for international travel in light of its success. EnglandThe deployment of domestic vaccines will improve industry and passenger stability.

The current signaling system has been replaced by a single red list of countries and regions that continue to be important to protect public health, and travel of arrivals from other parts of the world from 4 am on Monday, October 4th. The means are simplified.

Testing requirements for qualified, fully vaccinated travelers are also reduced. PDT When traveling to England from 4am on Monday, October 4th.

Beginning at the end of October, qualified fully vaccinated passengers and passengers vaccinated from selected groups in countries other than Red will replace the second day test with cheaper immunochromatography. And reduce the cost of inspection upon arrival in the UK. .. The government wants to introduce it by the end of October in preparation for returning from the half-year break.

Those who test positive should be quarantined and confirmed PCR Test for travelers at no additional cost. It is genomically sequenced to help identify new variants.

Testing of unvaccinated passengers from countries other than red includes pre-departure testing, days 2 and 8. PCR test. Test to release There are still options to reduce the self-quarantine period.

UK welcomes from October 4th Fully vaccinated travelers from many new countries – Who will be treated to return fully vaccinated England Travelers – Following the success of existing pilots, including 17 countries and territories such as Japan and Singapore We And Europe.

Secretary of Transportation Grant Shaps said:

Today’s changes mean a simpler and more straightforward system. With fewer tests, lower costs, more people can travel, meet loved ones, do business around the world, and boost the travel industry.

Public health has always been at the heart of our international travel policy, with more than eight in ten adults vaccinated. EnglandIt is now possible to introduce a proportionally updated structure that reflects the new landscape.

In today’s update, part of the third Global Travel Task Force Checkpoint Review, the government focuses on protecting borders from the most dangerous variants of the industry and passengers for the rest of the year. We ensure continuity.Will start further review of EnglandAn early New Year international travel policy to provide additional certainty for the 2022 spring and summer seasons.

A final regular signal review before switching to the new two-tier system will result in some additional countries and territories. Red list – Turkey, Pakistan, Maldives, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Oman, Bangladesh, Kenya. The changes will take effect on Wednesday, September 22nd at 4am.

Passengers who are not fully vaccinated with vaccines and certificates approved under the UK International Travel Regulations will continue Pre-departure test, NS 2nd and 8th day PCR test Then, under the new two-tier travel program, self-quarantine for 10 days after returning from a country other than the Red List. Test to release It remains an option for unvaccinated passengers who want to shorten their quarantine period.

Sajid Javid Health and Social Care Secretary said:

Today, we have simplified travel rules to make them easier to understand, open up tourism and reduce the cost of traveling abroad.

As global vaccination efforts continue to accelerate and more people get protection from this horrific disease, our rules and regulations are right to keep pace.

Also, starting in late October, we will make changes so that passengers changing flights or international trains during their travels will be able to follow measures related to the country of departure rather than the country they passed through as part of their trip.

All passengers still need to fill in Passenger locator form Before traveling. Passengers should continue to check the GOV.England Travel guidance including FCDO Travel advice Keep your entry requirements up-to-date before, during and after your trip to ensure compliance with the latest COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 regulations in your country.

New system for overseas travel

SourceNew system for overseas travel

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