Nevada Group wants teachers to wear body cameras to stop CRT

A Nevada Advocacy groups require teachers to wear body cameras in the classroom to avoid teaching critical racial theory or teaching students at school.

The proposal came from the Nevada Family Alliance, a group that calls itself a watchdog, at the Washoe County Board of Education this week.

This is to expand the K-5 curriculum and teach more about fairness, diversity and racism in response to plans from school districts, including the cities of Reno and Sparks.

The alliance’s proposal for teachers to wear body cameras followed a frustration from parents about “the lack of transparency by teachers that promotes the story of social justice.”

The Nevada Family Alliance, a group that claims to be a watchdog organization, proposes to wear a body camera at this week’s board to ensure that Washoe County teachers do not teach critical racial theory at school. Did.Depicts a man protesting a CRT outside the board

Karen Englund, the founder of the group, said, “We are informed daily about other incidents where teachers violate student privacy or conflict with lessons taught by parents at home.” ..

“If necessary, creating records that can be viewed by the appropriate stakeholders may be the best way to encourage teachers to stick to traditional teachings.”

The group believes that body cameras are a “must have”.

“We expect the teachers’ union to reject this proposal immediately, but we should ask, what do they need to hide?” England said.

“How important is it for teachers to do the same if police improve interaction with the public while wearing a body camera?”

The district has not commented on the body camera proposal.

The curriculum has been the subject of intense debate, with large numbers of people gathering at local school board meetings. The district was forced to install overflow rooms and speakers to accommodate attendees.

At a local school board meeting on Tuesday, opponents of the curriculum proposal wore MAGA hats, “no CRT,” “CRT teaches racism,” and “the school board said. I camp next to the entrance with a sign that says “I work for people.” ‘

On the other side of the entrance, students, parents, and teachers wear green T-shirts to “amplify student voice” to show support for “Student Change in Washoe County School District,” a group promoting the curriculum. I put up a sign with a slogan such as “Do”. add to.

The school district argues that critical racial theory is not part of the curriculum or plan, but national debates about it affect the local community and scare people who doubt the manager’s explanation. Caused.

Opponents say the district’s plans incorporate critical racial theory beliefs that draw the line from slavery and racism to modern inequality, and racism remains embedded in laws and institutions. Claims to be.

This proposal was proposed by the Nevada Family Alliance. The Nevada Family Alliance is a group that describes itself as a monitoring organization.They published this guide on how to fight critical racial theory

This proposal was proposed by the Nevada Family Alliance. The Nevada Family Alliance is a group that describes itself as a monitoring organization.They published this guide on how to fight critical racial theory

Important Racial Theory: Controversial Racial Idealism Controversial at School

The conflict over important racial theory at school escalated in the United States last year.

This theory sparked fierce national debate in the wake of last year’s Black Lives Matter protests and the introduction of the 1619 project across the United States.

The 1619 project, published by the New York Times in 2019 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first enslaved Africans on the American coast, states: By putting it in the center, it reconstructed American history. A story. “

The debate surrounding critical racial theory takes into account concerns that some children are being taught to consider whites to be racist or sexist in nature.

Opponents of critical racial theory argue that they fall into the category of “privilege” or “repression” based on their skin color.

However, supporters say that this theory is essential to eradicate racism, as it examines how race affects American politics, culture, and law.

“You said there is no CRT in this curriculum,” Sparks resident Bruce Parks said at a board meeting in Reno on Tuesday.

“It is currently taught in our school. Using words and words like” privilege of white men “and” institutional racism “, it comes directly from the CRT.

Instead of implementing the plan, Kristen McNeill encouraged the district to form a task force to review the curriculum.

The board approved the task force on Wednesday.

That’s because some lawmakers across the country have passed measures to ban critical racial theory in schools, claiming that the lesson constitutes indoctrination and teaches students to hate the United States.

Nevada is in the process of adding multicultural education to its social studies curriculum standards last month as legislators approve a proposal to teach students about the historical contributions of members of additional races and ethnic groups. I went against it.

Dr. Jonathan Moore, Deputy Director of Education, Nevada, said the law clarified the “content theme” of social studies, which already contained concepts such as social justice and diversity.

The criteria do not include critical racial theory.

He warns that the pursuit of impartiality should not be confused with “the idea that students are taught this very philosophical principle of race and how it affected society.” He said the curriculum debate was not new, citing parallel controversies about teaching climate change and evolution.

“When students talk about what they know and what they can do, people often forget how political the standard is,” he said.

Conflicts over how to teach students about racism and its role in American history are now intensifying in other Nevada school districts.

At Carson City, the proposal to incorporate concepts such as fairness into strategic plans raised parents’ concerns about how schools would address racial topics.

At a meeting of the Carson City Board of Education on Tuesday, Jason Tingle said he was worried when he heard about critical racial theory at school, but he reviewed the district’s materials and was afraid. Concludes that there is no basis.

“The curriculum doesn’t yet show that we really take a hardcore approach to critical racial theory,” said Tingle, who has four children in the district’s school. ..

“Until our children went home and showed us something different or said something different, we kept our faith in the school district and that they were sent here. Should be done by them. “

Meanwhile, in Clark County, a black mother of a mixed-race student is suing a charter school in Las Vegas for a “Sociology of Change” course that covers the notions of privileges related to race, gender, and sexual orientation.

Nevada Group wants teachers to wear body cameras to stop CRT

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