Neurons Find Key Competitors That Drive Global Domination in Neuroscience and AI –

Neuronsthe world’s largest applied neuroscience company has moved a step closer to being on the leading platform for predicting human behavior by acquiring two of its competitors, VisualEyes and Loceye.

This move brings 35,000 new clients with an additional 1,000 projected each month and enables Neurons to focus on using AI to accurately predict human emotions and feelings. It strengthens the company’s competitive advantage and greatly increases the growth and accuracy of its customer forecasting platform, revolutionizing the way brands do business.

Companies often fail to predict, be aware or understand consumer responses. This results in inaccurate and unfocused marketing, and increased advertising noise to the customer.

Neurons technology has enabled large corporations such as Facebook, TikTok, and Ikea to optimize every part of their customer journey from advertising and retail to innovation and beyond. The core product, Predict, is an AI that forecasts customer responses with 95% accuracy – the highest on the market.

With this acquisition, the company will focus on further developing and expanding its AI product to predict human emotions and feelings – and how people feel at consumer touch points.

By integrating VisualEyes AI models and technologies used by Loceye, such as webcam eye tracking and face tracking, Neurons products will provide an additional level of usability and give brands a strong competitive advantage. Accuracy, and the speed at which new projected AI models are created will increase.

Thomas Zoega Ramsøy, CEO and founder of Neuron, said: “Companies have long relied on retrospective consumer testing or AI technology that requires definition. Methods that are too slow and too expensive for today’s consumer – driven society. We changed that by harnessing the power of neuroscience and AI to provide companies with software that allows them to test consumer responses before they hit the market. With the acquisition of our main competitors, VisualEyes and Loceye, we go a step further – giving brands the tools to accurately predict emotional and emotional responses, what motivates their customers and what they remember. Not only does this acquisition take our business to the next level, it revolutionizes the way companies attract and retain customers and changes brand-consumer relationships forever. ”

Mike Storm, COO Neurons and partner, said: “Our mission has always been to harness the power of neuroscience and AI and make it accessible and affordable. In the coming years, marketers will use more and more customer data sources and it will be a challenge to make sense of so much information. That’s where AI comes in. Brands have a competitive advantage that can predict, understand and respond to the customer decision – making process before products and campaigns are even launched. By acquiring VisualEyes and Loceye, we take this to the next level, providing the tools to predict emotions, feelings, conscious and subconscious behaviors. This strengthens our global dominance and contributes significantly to the growth and accuracy of our consumer neuroscience database. ”

Costa Alexoglou, Co – Founder, VisualEyes, said: “We are delighted that Neurons Inc. will be incorporating our cutting-edge eye tracking technology into its customer projection platform and we are proud to be involved in the creation of the world’s largest consumer neuroscience database. Our combined expertise has the power to change the way brands do business today, and in the future and we are excited to see how this natural and cutting edge partnership develops. ”

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Neurons Find Key Competitors That Drive Global Domination in Neuroscience and AI –

Source link Neurons Find Key Competitors That Drive Global Domination in Neuroscience and AI –

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