Netflix is ​​expected to signal the end of the Covid TV streaming boom | Netflix

Netflix is ​​expected to report the lowest number of new subscribers in the first quarter of the four years this week, perhaps marking the end of the home entertainment pandemic boom.

For Netflix Last year it passed 200 million subscribers as record numbers signed up to defeat the boredom of the blockade.Traditionally, the first quarter has the highest number of new registrations, and families in major markets such as North America and Europe want to entertain while at home during the winter weather.

However, this year’s Netflix forecasts 6 million new subscribers, the lowest increase in the first quarter since 2017, almost 16 million registrations in the first quarter of last year, Because the blockade restrictions are relaxed.

“This isn’t the end of the pandemic effect of streaming services, but we’re starting to see the end of it, says Ampere analyst Richard Broughton.

“Markets around the world have become the last wave of viruses and are beginning to emerge from those who want to unlock. Consumers are the wider entertainment they haven’t had during most of the pandemic. And have the opportunity to enjoy leisure activities. Video services have been superseded by activities such as meeting friends and family. Like movie theaters and retail stores, some sports are back. The beer garden is open. The warm climate also affects watching TV. “

In the UK, where blockade regulations have been gradually relaxed since early March, the impact of allowing students to return to school and meet outdoors and in private gardens has changed habits. Since the beginning of March, daily visits to the park can increase by as much as 60% compared to the pre-pandemic period of February last year, according to Google’s Covid-19 Community Mobility Trends.

$ 340 Million (£ 245 Million) Global Box Office Revenue Date the blockbuster Godzilla vs. Kong, following many big screen failures during a pandemic that questioned the long-term appeal of cinemas Quite tired demand to regain and enjoy the activities that were taken for granted before the coronavirus..

Netflix founder Reed Hastings says he considers all activities that distract attention from the service to be rivals. He once joked that sleep was his biggest competitor – It is unlikely that the expected decline in new subscribers will upset investors and reduce the market value of $ 243 billion.

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Last year, it was the most successful Netflix history, with 36.6 million new subscribers joining the service. The pandemic has skyrocketed the registration rate of consumers who may have participated this year.

“If Netflix numbers arrive as expected, they will be the lowest in a few years,” says Broughton. “But there was a strong” pull forward “for the subscribers. Netflix has entered a pandemic as the strongest service, It was the arrival of a very successful newcomer like Disney +, I am in a very strong position now. “

Netflix is ​​expected to spend about $ 19 billion this year on the production and purchase of television shows and movies, starting at $ 17.3 billion in 2020. Last week, Netflix ordered two more series of period drama Bridgerton, which was watched by 83 million households in the first month. After appearing in the film, he signed a groundbreaking contract with Sony Pictures as the first service to screen films such as the Spider-Man and Jumanji franchises.

Netflix is ​​expected to signal the end of the Covid TV streaming boom | Netflix

Source link Netflix is ​​expected to signal the end of the Covid TV streaming boom | Netflix

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