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Streaming giant Netflix may have to appear in court shortly in a defamation proceeding over the hit series Queen’s Gambit after losing its appeal to dismiss the case.

Netflix has been accused of misrepresenting “one of the most important career achievements” of the series’ female chess champion Nonaga Prindashvili.

A George dynasty chess player has problems with the lines of a drama that her lawyer said was broadcast “in front of millions of viewers around the world” and “damaged personal and professional reputation.” I have it.

Nona Gaplindashvili was the first woman in the world to be honored and ranked as the Grand Master of International Chess.

The Queen’s Gambit is about the fictional chess player Beth Harmon (Anya Taylor-Joy), but often mentions the actual characters in the game, including Gaplin Dashvili.

In the final episode of the series, commentators during the chess game compare Harmon’s achievements with Gaplin Dashvili’s achievements, but the real person says “I’ve never faced a man” during play.

According to a legal document obtained by a PA news agency, Netflix’s defense is that the series is “a completely fictitious piece”, so “a reasonable viewer who understands the line to convey a statement of facts. I wouldn’t. “

He added that “competitive Soviet chess knowledge of the 1960s” is needed for viewers to know that they are suspected of defamation.

Moscow. Soviet Union. The first female grandmaster Nona Gaprindashvili playing chess. October 9, 1962
Gaprindashvili playing chess in 1962

However, in a court ruling on Thursday, a judge in the California Central District Court stated that “there is no evidence to rule out defamation allegations of defamation of real figures in fictitious works.

“On the contrary, the fact that the series was a fictitious piece does not isolate Netflix from defamation liability if all elements of defamation exist in other ways,” the legal document said. increase.

Gaplin Dashvili’s lawyer said she was the first female grandmaster of international chess in history, adding:

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“When the series aired, multiple media outlets and various individual Internet users commented on line inaccuracies.

“The plaintiff misrepresented one of (her) most important career achievements in front of millions of viewers around the world,” said the line, “(her) personal and. It has hurt my professional reputation. “

They continued: “Plaintiff’s lifelong career is in a competitive chess world, where she continues to be an active leader, role model, and competitor.

“Plaintiffs claim that the line is drawn at the heart of the hard-earned position in her profession.

“Gaprindashvili’s professional reputation and brand were inextricably linked to her courageous efforts to confront and defeat presumable male opponents when chess was overwhelmingly a male world. . “

Netflix Faces Defamation of “Queen’s Gambit” from Chess Grandmaster | Ent & Arts News

Source link Netflix Faces Defamation of “Queen’s Gambit” from Chess Grandmaster | Ent & Arts News

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