“Negotiations to give Josie Gibson a more lasting role” after Holly’s replacement this morning

After a few days of success this morning The sofa recently hosted with Phillips Scofield, the show boss, is reportedly trying to give. Josie Gibson A more lasting role in the show.

former Brother The winner is Holly Willow Bee For the past few weeks she has been ill for several days.

Insiders reportedly while Holly returned to work after his absence Heat magazine She was “worried” about how “easily” she replaced her on prime-time morning television.

Sources told Heat:

This morning, after the success of Holly Willoughby’s stint, he’s reportedly trying to give Josie a role in a hit show.

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The same source reports that Josie, who presents a competitive segment at the show, plays a more lasting role.

36-year-old Josie used Instagram to celebrate her victory in three days of hosting. That’s why many fans called her “natural.” Often left the fans hystericalWhile others are associated with her in the nature of the earth.

With her own snap with a co-host Phillips scofield, Josie writes: Three days to introduce one of the biggest daytime TV shows in history at @thismorning. ”

“This week you have to give it up for this hero @Schofe who was my rock. You had to not only announce the show, but also tell me along the way.”

She added: “I’m sorry for all the slip-ups, but you, @hollywilloughby, and all the presenters make it look easy.

Josie replaced Holly when she was ill, and many viewers thought she was “natural.”

“Thank you for being there for me, thank you for being so kind, warm and kind, and thank you for being so bloody and cheerful !! It’s a legend that I love Schofe!”

Star celebrity friends and fans flooded her post with the support of many that she should do regular presentation work.

Laura Anderson of Love Island writes: Efforts will pay off, but don’t forget that you can’t tell us your liking #yougotthis. “

Loose Women’s legend, Loose Langsford, a fellow presenter, added:

Holly is back on the show with Phil

One user said: I love to see you and you will definitely be a regular presenter. “

Another said: I hope to be back soon. “

Many viewers of the hit ITV morning show regularly commented on the show that Josie “wants to see more.” One fan even suggested, “I might be able to replace Dermot on Friday and play a duo with Allison.”

Holly also praised her temporary replacement, saying that Josie “did a great job.”

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"Negotiations to give Josie Gibson a more lasting role" after Holly's replacement this morning

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