Nearly 50 percent of pregnant women do not yet have a coveted pocket

Only more than 50 percent of women received one or more doses ვიდed-19 Vaccines At the end of 2021, new figures were revealed.

According to the UK Health and Safety Agency, of the 53 per cent of women who were vaccinated, more than 40 per cent received two or more doses of the vaccine.

The latest vaccine data show vaccine coverage pregnant woman Still quite lagging behind the general population, 85 per cent of whom have received two doses.

However, the figures showed that between November and December, absorption among pregnant women increased by 5 per cent.

The news comes after Covid-19 infections were on the rise in England, Wales and Scotland, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

According to the ONS, one in 16 households is likely to have the virus by March 19, or 3.5 million people – by one in 20, or 2.7 million – by March 12.

Infection rates in Scotland have risen for eight weeks in a row and now they have reached a new record high, with around half a million people having Covid-19 last week, or about one in 11. That’s 376,300 people. , Or one in 14, in the previous week.

108,700 people in Northern Ireland probably had Covid-19 last week, or one in 17 people: 130,600 people, or one in 14.

According to the UKHSA, there is still a gap between pregnant women who are black and 24 per cent of whom have at least one vaccine, compared with 51 per cent for white women and 42 per cent for Asian women.

There is also a difference between women in the poorest regions, where 32 percent have at least one seat, compared to 64 percent in the richer regions.

However, improved coverage increased by 13.3 per cent in black pregnant women who were vaccinated from February to December and by 18 per cent in women in the country’s poorest districts.

The UKHSA said the data showed that women who were vaccinated at least once during pregnancy were just as likely or more likely to give birth to unborn babies as women who had not been vaccinated.

Last year Independent Hundreds of babies are reported to have been born prematurely to unvaccinated mothers and were at a higher risk of premature birth if they were hospitalized.

Studies to date have also shown that women who develop severe disease after Covid-19 infection are more likely to get into the ICU, needing invasive ventilation and premature birth.

Dr Gayatri Amirtalingham, an epidemiologist consultant with the United Kingdom’s Health and Safety Agency, said: We urge all pregnant women who have not yet been vaccinated to come out for vaccination.

“The COVID-19 vaccines used in the UK are highly effective in protecting against hospitalization, and our ongoing monitoring of the vaccine program reassures us of the safety of these vaccines for pregnant and unvaccinated pregnant women with similar pregnancy outcomes.

Dr Pat O’Brien, an obstetrician-consultant and vice-president of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, said: We hope this is soothing for anyone who has not yet been vaccinated. “We know that COVID-19 can cause serious deterioration in women during pregnancy, with some requiring critical care and having a premature baby if they are not vaccinated.”

Nearly 50 percent of pregnant women do not yet have a coveted pocket

Source link Nearly 50 percent of pregnant women do not yet have a coveted pocket

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