“Nazi B ***** ds”: GP facing a torrent of abuse and violence as patient frustration boiled

doctor And their staff are working at GP surgery A torrent of abuse from all over the UK has been reported Patience Some receive harassment emails, while others tremble and weep due to physical and verbal attacks.

Some family doctors said Independent They are afraid to come to work and have seen staff stop the threat they face almost every day.

Some surgeries are under threat from bombs, while others are graffiti-filled. Staff at a clinic in London receive harassment emails and threaten the role of workers. COVID Deployment of vaccination. Other abusive text messages were sent to describe the staff as “Nazi bastards.”

GPS Most of the problems are due to the misconception that the system is overwhelmed by demand, the GP is closed among some patients, and the number of patients is decreasing as a result of the Covid crisis.

Due to the labor crisis in GP numbers and the surge in patients wishing to see a doctor, the inability to make appointments means that some patients have to wait weeks for non-urgent appointments.

However, in the case of GPs, the increasing backlog of the NHS has increased the number of patients waiting for hospital treatment, resulting in many patients working longer hours, more complex cases, and more management. I am facing the relentless work of being.

A recent study by the British Medical Association found that half of doctors and two-thirds of GPs saw their colleagues experiencing violence and abuse.

A GP clinic in London reported that staff received harassment emails from police after receiving multiple copies of notices threatening doctors and nurses to be “tried for war crimes and held accountable.” ..

The clinic said: “This was copied many times, placed in an envelope, addressed individually to each clinician, and posted through the door after dark.

“We have made many abusive responses in text, email, phone and direct terms to keep all patients up to date.”

Independent I talked to a GP working in surgery all over the UK. They fear that increasing levels of anger seen by the public will cause more GPs to quit their jobs and deepen the crisis already facing primary care.

Dr. Emily Ball, a member of the Every Doctor group at the GP working in Liverpool, said she remained shivering and weeping after a fuss of abuse from a patient who was angry about delaying hospital appointments. I did.

In another case earlier this year, a man requesting antibiotics had to physically force himself into the clinic and call police when he was verbally abusive and chased staff. The man was not even a patient in the clinic.

Dr. Ball said: It was horrifying, and the members of that staff have, of course, left now.

“It’s a real problem, more insidious daily verbal abuse, which has led to staff getting sick. Unless someone sheds tears by the patient, it’s not a day ending with a’y’. Maintaining staff has become very difficult. “

She is supposed to work 31 hours a week, but now she calculates that she works an average of 65 hours a week.

“We are kneeling. But there is this perception that we have stopped seeing patients facing patients, and we have not. We have seen people who need to be seen forever. rice field.”

Regarding her own experience of abuse from an angry patient, she said: He said several times that I thought I should be reported to GMC.

“I was physically trembling after that.”

The 2014 GP, Dr Ball, warned that long-term effects would exacerbate the GP’s existing crisis, as the number of GPs has not kept pace with population and demand growth.

“Once you already have a depressed workforce, they start being kicked by the very people who are literally committing suicide trying to help them. What happens is that people start to burn out and get sick. It begins to become, which means that the remaining doctors will be under more pressure, burned out, sick, and you will not have a workforce before you know it. “

A June survey of more than 330 GPs across London found that more than half warned that current demand was unmanageable and 82% were affecting staff health. I did. Four-fifths of clinics state that patient satisfaction is declining.

Almost half of the clinics had GP vacancies, and some clinics had to consider closing the door. This is a move that hits 22,500 patients.

Birmingham GP Lizzie Croton, a member of the Medical Association, said more ways patients could contact the GP via digital services, email, etc., increasing the “cognitive burden” on doctors.

“We are in increasing demand from patients. All the people I see believe they need to meet us and they are facing some kind of distress.

“Our doors are wide open both electronically and physically, but all contracts are workloadd. I work a few extra hours each day and rarely have lunch breaks.

“There was always a wait at the NHS, but at this point the difference is whether people are not dated or a few months away. We are mainly for wait, especially reception and administration staff. In most cases it is very understandable and you share the patient’s frustration, but in some cases it was personal.

“People are not tolerant of having to wait to talk to someone.”

In addition to frustration with waiting times and demands for faster bookings, the GP was at the forefront of a backlash against Covid’s crisis and vaccination plans.

A GP in London described a patient who was “barged” to the back office with a vaccination reminder letter and began yelling at staff.

They say: He filmed part of the case, even though we asked him not to do so, and the video later found a way on Twitter.

“This is the worst of many cases. The reception staff wept several times in the last few weeks because the patients and relatives were so uncomfortable.”

Many general practitioners are instructed by the NHS to send text messages and reminders to residents to encourage vaccination.

Independent There are several examples of aggressive and rude messages sent to surgery accordingly, including what described the staff as “Nazi bastards.”

Dr. Michel Drage, Chief Executive Officer of the London Regional Health Commission, said:NHS England The government needs to send a message at the national level that general practice is working as hard as possible. The person on the other side of the reception, in the doctor’s office, or at the end of the phone is the person, not the faceless person. Soundboard for frustration.

“London clinic staff have received blasphemous text messages in response to vaccination reminders, and callers have been abused and reported to regulators to follow NHS instructions. It is threatened to be done. Even those who are hesitant Vaccination It is known to abuse after repeated contact. “

The Royal College of General Practicers said there was a serious misunderstanding about the work being done by the Royal College of General Practicians, who are still examining patients when needed. He said the practice was more busy than ever, while providing two-thirds of all Covid vaccinations at the same time.

Professor Martin Marshall, chair of the RCGP, said:

“General practice is open throughout the pandemic, and face-to-face appointments are always available wherever safe and appropriate.

“The real problem is that there is a significant shortage of GPs and employees are not large enough to manage the needs of an aging and growing patient population with increasingly complex needs. Is a pre-pandemic case and has only been exacerbated by the events of the past year. “

He said it was imperative that the government fulfill its commitment to add 6,000 GPs by 2024.

“Nazi B ***** ds”: GP facing a torrent of abuse and violence as patient frustration boiled

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