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NaytalIs the first online clinic in the UK to give women instant access to health professionals such as midwives, breastfeeding consultants, psychologists and women’s health physiology, launched today in the UK after a successful beta period.

Naytal is also the UK’s first platform to provide women with access to perinatal psychologists focused on helping women through pregnancy and postnatal travel.

Supporting £ 300,000 with pre-seed funding, Fuel venture, Naytal was co-founded by Leila Thabet and Lara Russell-Jones on a mission to reinvent women’s health care in the digital age.

“Women’s prenatal and postnatal medical needs and expectations have evolved, but the medical systems that provide them have fallen behind.” Co-founder Leila Tabet said..

“We recognize the importance of health care more than ever, but knowing where to go for timely advice and support from someone who knows what we’re talking about is It’s a challenge at best, and the worst!

“Lara and I were shocked by the level of support and professional care available on our childbirth, pregnancy and postnatal health journeys. And although our problems were different, we Combining this experience was confusing, overwhelming, and not knowing where to go. At Naytal – we are changing that. ”

Naytal provides women with access to dedicated services after pregnancy and childbirth by top-notch professionals with a well-qualified discipline. These include:

  • Midwife consultation: Naytal’s NHS-trained private midwives provide advice, ongoing support and peace of mind.They are at hand to answer questions about pregnancy, delivery or postnatal recovery
  • Breastfeeding support: Highly qualified International Board Certified Breastfeeding Consultants (IBCLC) can be used to support feeding journeys and beyond
  • Mental health support: Naytal’s team of experienced psychologists provides treatment and supports mental and emotional health, anxiety, relationship problems, and the specific challenges women face.
  • Pelvic floor health and physiotherapy: Naytal’s Women’s Health Physios team is a pelvic obstetrics and gynecology expert who provides prenatal and gynecological support to reduce pelvic pain and gently restore the pelvic floor (and body) to health and fitness.

All Naytal health professionals are available to support women’s needs during evidence-based, medically-based one-on-one sessions. Whether someone is looking for a quick answer to a question, advice on a particular issue, or needs ongoing assistance, a team of top-notch professionals is affordable and easily accessible.

Tabet will add: “We believe that women do not have to suffer unnecessary pain or silence because of reproductive health problems. As 80% of us do today. That’s why we’re excited to give women direct access to the knowledge and support they need, when they need it, from healthcare professionals who understand their unique health challenges. We believe that everyone should have convenient and affordable access to this type of care. “

Miss Jess McMicking, Naytal’s medical advisor, said:: “I firmly believe that quality prenatal and postnatal care should be available to all women, so it’s great to be part of the Nital family. I’m a woman. And we are very proud to play a small role in a company that offers such unique and long-deferred services to its birthing partners. “

Aimee Taylor, Naytal’s chief midwife, said: “Journey after pregnancy and childbirth can be very difficult and many feel that they need more personalized care and support, so when Leila and Lara explained the concept of nital, I I boarded without hesitation. I am part of a team of experienced healthcare professionals and together we make a real difference in women’s health care. “

Naytal enjoys a very successful beta period, with 98% of users rating their experience as 4.5 or 5 out of 5. 97% said health professionals were able to address certain health concerns, and 93% agreed that Naytal professionals were more confident in helping solve problems or begin management. .. Finally, 100% of beta users recommend Naytal to their friends.


customer’s voice:

TJ: I really like the purpose behind this app. This is because it is a very tricky medical problem that requires specialized expertise, and so many women have little postpartum support left. With Naytal, professional care can be provided quickly and conveniently at a convenient time. So I think this is a great female health “Babylon”!

Morgan: Really easy to use with great medical professionals. I now have a place where I can go to get safe and personalized care when I need it. I will definitely use Naytal from now on.

Francesca: Naytal is a great service. The first few months can be very tiring, frightening and lonely, and knowing where to seek help can be overwhelming, especially during a pandemic. An absolute game changer who understands exactly what you are experiencing – I wish I had it when I gave birth to my first baby, but my second baby is here I am very happy to be here.

Rupal: Great support network for pregnant and new mothers. These services are essential for good health during and after pregnancy. Having a set of support services under one portal is very convenient and wonderful for busy new mothers.

Joe: Valuable Resources – Protect yourself from Google’s Rabbit Hole at 3am and book your app with an expert. The service was easy to use and the breastfeeding specialists I worked with were able to provide peace of mind, advice and support. Having a video appointment is great not only during chaotic times, but also during postnatal times when you leave home with a small person.

roller: I love the concept of gathering all the medical professionals that pregnant and new mothers need. The platform is easy to navigate and looks great! My session with a psychologist really helped me overcome some of my birth trauma. We look forward to additional services in the future!

Amelia: Great Concept – A one-stop shop for all the advice your new mom needs. The consultant I spoke to was really professional and experienced, I will definitely talk to her again. I also think that mental health support is a great option for new mothers. It’s very difficult to access, but it’s in great need. The website is great and very easy to use.

Kadi: I consulted with female physiotherapist Joanna. The consultation was very helpful in returning to fitness after birth. Joanna was warm and friendly and gave me some really good personalized exercises to strengthen and relax the pelvic floor. This is highly recommended for anyone considering returning to impact exercise after having a baby.

George: A great and simple way to access resources quickly. I highly recommend it.

Amira: I booked a 30 minute session with Lucy. Following the caesarean section, support was needed to retrain the body to get used to the exercise. Using the Naytal website was very easy and easy to do. There was a list of consultants with a background in their work and role, and then I chose an expert that I felt fits my needs.Great service

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Naytal Secures £ 300,000 Pre-Seed Investment Led by Fuel Ventures – UK Tech Investment News

Source link Naytal Secures £ 300,000 Pre-Seed Investment Led by Fuel Ventures – UK Tech Investment News

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