Naughty Boy’s niece is confident he won’t quit. I’m a tough 24-hour celebrity.

It was a tough start I’m a celebrity … get me out of here! For music producers Naughty boy.

On Tuesday night, a 36-year-old star was seen talking to Clink’s campmates. Richard Madley, Arlene Phillips,David Ginola When Danny Miller He felt ready to leave the show and admitted, “I think my time here is over.”

However, all right! , Aisha Shaban, 23, Naughty Boy’s niece, said she was confident that she would continue the show once her uncle stepped into the main camp.

Said Aisha all right! She said she was very close to her uncle: “It wasn’t a great start to be immediately thrown into a clink, it would have been a shock to the system.

“But he will get used to it. When he enters the main camp and begins to calm down with everyone, he will begin to feel like himself again.”

Naughty Boy struggled a few days at the show, but his family thinks he will continue

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“Everyone sometimes suffers from mental health, which is just one of them, and he will return to his normal self,” Aisha added.

“He needs to stop worrying about what people are thinking about us, worry about himself and worry about the game!”

Hoshi’s niece also explained that her uncle was “very sensitive.”

She added: “He is very sensitive and can rethink himself in such a terrifying place. He just needs peace of mind.

“Before he came in, he called me and kept asking me if I should do it or if I was making a mistake. I kept telling him I was fine. He would stand up again. . “

Aisha added that looking down on him in last night’s episode was “hard to see” for the family.

Naughty Boy’s niece, Aisha, says OK!She is confident he will continue the show

She explained that her uncle is taking care of her mother (grandmother Zahida, 67 years old) who has been suffering from dementia for the past five years. Last night, Aisha says she tweeted from her account and wanted everyone to know he was fighting outside.

Aisha said she wants the public to understand that it is not easy for her uncle to leave her mother’s side.

“He had only been at home for a few days and was already out of order,” she added. “The reality is that he had been quarantined himself for two weeks before that.” rice field.

Naughty Boy revealed that he is considering quitting I’m A Celebrity after losing two trials

“I got out of there and suddenly lost contact with my family and social media, went into Clink and slept on the cold, hard ground. I’m with a stranger.”

She continued: “He had to stay strong for my Nan for years, and he takes care of her.

“People don’t realize this is the longest time they’ve been without seeing her, and when he’s used to seeing her every day, he doesn’t get in touch with her.

“When sudden contact goes to zero, I can’t imagine his feelings.”

Naughty Boy was previously seen comforting Arlene at Clink

Aisha added that she believed in the ambassador Naughty Boy. Dementia UK, Currently, I am overwhelmed and anxious.

She explained: “Everyone knows he’s not a bad guy. He wears his heart on his sleeve and he’s very sensitive.

“When he’s overwhelmed and worried, he gets him the smallest, and I think that’s what happened.

“I think he’s holding back his team because he didn’t win the trial. That probably makes him think more about it.”

Naughty Boy’s niece tweeted a message to fans

Still, with others in her family, Aisha said all right! Her uncle is proud of them all and they are confident he will soon return to his usual self-and continue camping.

She explained: “I don’t think he did it all just to leave. He told us he would be proud of all of us, and he would go as far as he could. “”

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Naughty Boy's niece is confident he won't quit. I'm a tough 24-hour celebrity.

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