Naughty Boy enrolled in “I’m A Celebrity” to “find himself” after five years of long-term care.

Naughty boy I took the test for the first few days I’m a celebrity … get me out of here camp.

The 36-year-old music producer was put together in Clink Richard Madley, Arlene Phillips,David Ginola When Danny Miller And after he lost the trials and challenges, the experience felt very tough.

The star is he Considering leaving the show, However, he later decided to stay when he attended the main camp.

And, according to Naughty Boy’s niece, he signed up for the show for a very special reason.

Aisha Shaban, very close to her uncle, said all right! A music producer who has worked with everyone from Sam Smith to Beyonce, has been caring for mothers suffering from dementia for the past five years.

Music producer Naughty Boy plans to raise awareness of dementia

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Aisha explains that the star plans to use his platform at the show to raise awareness of dementia and is likely to open up about his journey over the past few years to take care of his mother. Did.

“I think he’ll be open about it because he wants to use it as a platform to raise awareness,” she said.

Aisha added: “He is the ambassador of British dementia and Naughty Boy Kitchen -This is the greatest opportunity to spread awareness about everything he does and help everyone see what he really is.

Naughty Boy revealed that he is considering quitting I'm A Celebrity after losing two trials
Naughty Boy revealed that after losing two trials, I considered quitting as a celebrity

“Throughout his career, not everyone really knows who he is.

“This is a great opportunity for everyone to know how lovable, kind and able to give him, just like he is at home.”

The 23-year-old added that her uncle put her flowering career on hold when Nan got sick, and that I’m a celebrity is also an opportunity to “do something for myself.”

Naughty Boy's niece, Aisha, says OK!She is confident he will continue the show
Naughty Boy’s niece, Aisha, says OK!He wants to raise awareness of his mother’s condition at the show

She explained: “He was very restrained in his career because of my Nan and there were so many holds. This is the first time he goes out to do something for himself again. ..

“Before she got sick, he was setting up a jet and doing a lot of great projects. This is an opportunity for him to get up again.”

When it comes to camping life, Aisha believes her uncle will act as a chef who loves to cook.

She explained: “He loves cooking and caring for people. He takes care of my Nan. There is no doubt that he will take on the role of chef and reassure everyone in the camp.”

Naughty boy comforts Arlene with a clinking sound
Naughty boy comforts Arlene with a clinking sound

She wants him to go as far as he can in the competition, so despite his speculation about whether to leave, Aisha thinks the naughty boy will continue the show.

She explained: “He was proud of all of us and told us that he would do everything he could. He really wanted to use it as an opportunity to find himself again.”

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Naughty Boy enrolled in "I'm A Celebrity" to "find himself" after five years of long-term care.

Source link Naughty Boy enrolled in "I'm A Celebrity" to "find himself" after five years of long-term care.

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