National Trust BANS is hunting there after shocking underhand tactics are revealed | UK | News

The trustee today announced that the charity will not issue a license to practice watching the scent of animals dragged along the trail followed by a hound. Critics have long argued that it is being used as a cover for illegal hunting.

Legal activity on the Trust’s land has been suspended since November 2020 after police investigated webins including hunters discussing pursuit.

Mark Huntkinson, a former director of the Foxhound Association (MFHA) Masters, was convicted in October for encouraging the use of legal trail hunting as a “screen” to carry out illegal tracking and killing of animals. I received it. Hankinson has appealed the conviction.

At the annual meeting of the charity last month, members voted 76,816 to 38,184 in favor of a ban on trail hunting in Trustland.

Harry Bowell, director of the charity’s Land and Nature, said:

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“The decision not to issue any more trail hunting licenses is based on a wide range of considerations.

“These include the loss of trust and confidence in MFHA, which manages trail hunting, the recent voting by National Trust members at AGM, the considerable resources needed to facilitate trail hunting, and the reputational risk of this. But not limited to these. Activities continue on our land. “

MFHA manages Foxhound’s registered packs and represents 170 packs.

After the 2017 National Trust Conference, charities have set up a dedicated trail hunting management team to oversee the licensing process and monitor activities against the terms of the new licensing.

Since then, multiple violations have been reported, as well as hunting, which is considered to be in compliance with the rules. Hunting of wild mammals by dogs was banned in England and Wales by the Hunting Act 2004.

The league for cruel sports states that the “overwhelming” ban on fox hunting in England, Wales and Scotland is regularly ignored or abused.

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He carefully welcomed the trust’s move, but expressed concern that it was not well underway, arguing that it was unclear whether the animals were banned from exempt hunting activities that could be chased and killed. ..

Campaign Director Chris Ruffingham said:[National Trust] The voices of the members would not have been louder than this. He sent a clear message to the board stating that it was sufficient and that trail hunting in trust areas should be banned. “

He states: “The Board recognizes the emotional strength of members and the general public who are more aware than ever that so-called trail hunting is being used as an excuse (smoke screen) for illegal hunting.”

The Trust move follows the announcement that the natural resources Wales will not allow trail hunting on the land.

Other major landowners, including Anglican Church, United Utility, Anglican Church, Crown Estate, Duchess of Cornwall, and the Department of Defense, continue lobbying from the league to ban trail hunting.

Tim Bonner, CEO of the Countryside Alliance, criticized the Trust’s decision and told MailOnline:

“Charity claims to be” forever for all, “but by banning legal activity, we have determined that it is really only for those approved by the Board.

“It is highly regrettable that trustees cannot distinguish between the legitimate use of hunting dogs and the governance of hunting, breaking the basic principle of accessing the land of the National Trust for legitimate activities.”

A hunting bureau spokesman responsible for hunting management said the trust decision was very high given that 98% of members of the conservation charity did not participate in a vote banning trail hunting at AGM earlier this year. He said he was disappointed.

He states: “The Board’s decision to prevent legal and legitimate activity is designed to stop trail hunting opponents trying to bully landowners from legitimate activity carried out by rural communities. It is the result of the campaign.

“Hunt has been accessing the National Trust’s lands for generations, but this decision is completely contrary to the National Trust’s core mantra,” for everyone, forever. “

“We hope to maintain an open dialogue with the Trust and continue to discuss further with the ongoing reviews.”

If the trust sticks to bridleway, sidewalk, or other public road rights, there may still be ritual meetings without land trail hunting activities with groups involved in unlicensed pursuits. say.

National Trust BANS is hunting there after shocking underhand tactics are revealed | UK | News

SourceNational Trust BANS is hunting there after shocking underhand tactics are revealed | UK | News

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