Nadine Coyle becomes a “momager” when her daughter Anaíya follows in the footsteps of the entertainment world

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 20 years since Nadine Coyle hit the charts as a fifth. Girls Aloud, Became a popular name at just 17 years old. Now a 36-year-old kid feels remorse when he catches up, and much of the chat touches on his growth in Northern Ireland.

“I grew up feeling like my dreams came true, and I live the evidence that they can actually come true,” she tells us. “I especially want people from small towns to feel it. I want to help people feel confident, just as I did when I grew up.”

Unsurprisingly, a question about the former of Nadine Girls Aloud Bandmate Sarah Harding, who died tragically from breast cancer at the age of 39 in September, is off the table, but her friend who touches the “weight” she felt in 2021 comes to her mind. It is clear that there is.

Nadine becomes the “momager” of her daughter Aniya

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“The last few years have been very heavy and I feel like a lot is happening. I hope I can regain my positivity and be inspired again.

“I just hope the weight is gone and we feel happy on the other side,” says Nadine, who shares her seven-year-old daughter Anaya with American football player Jason Bell.

Nadine hopes to keep her engrossed and inspire the next generation by helping the National Lottery start installing the new Build Dreams Create Change across Northern Ireland.

Here, the stars reflect the memories of her time I’m a celebrity … get me out of here! And why she never Strictly...

She is excited to work with a cause near her house

Hello Nadine! Is it very special to start this campaign in your home country, Northern Ireland?

It’s great to participate! I’m very fortunate to be there to announce the installation. I hope they inspire the next generation to have big dreams and show that there is so much they can do.

Did you want to see something like this when you were growing up?

definitely! Northern Ireland has some nice centers like Kinship Care. This is a nice project that kids can go to, funded by Lotto. For example, there is a young girl who is taking care of her mother and brother, and she can go somewhere and they will help her study. It’s not just for kids, but for the whole community.

You have achieved your own dream of becoming a singer, but have you developed any other ambitions?

I wanted to be a chef. I wanted to open a restaurant, but I did that too! It opened in LA at the age of 23. The whole family lived there and worked together. We did it for 10 years before we realized it was very difficult to become a pop star and run a restaurant in another time zone! I was a little too thin, but it was a great experience.

Nadine is working with the National Lottery to help launch a new Build Dreams Create Change installation across Northern Ireland.

What are the other outstanding memories of your 20-year career?

We have a lot. I love the Royal Albert Hall, the venue is very symbolic. I’ve done several royal variety shows there, and they’re definitely the moment of pinch-me you’re wondering, “Am I actually doing this?”

It’s amazing I’ve been doing this for 20 years, but I’m still enjoying it, having these great experiences and people still enjoying what I’m doing .. My work is summarized in showing people a good time and I love it!

Do you like playing the same as you did in the early days?

I like it more! I like it much more than the beginning.I was 17 years old [when I got into Girls Aloud] I didn’t know if I would come or go. I’m still a girl and have never worked. I’m a babysitter and it cost me £ 5 to be a babysitter all night. When I started singing professionally, I was so young that my experience was really limited.

I lived in London and my family lived in Northern Ireland. I’ve seen pop stars on TV, but I didn’t realize the amount of work it took and it was a big learning curve.

I spent the first five years in a band trying to figure out what was going on. Twenty years later, I found the balance!

Nadine loved playing at the Royal Albert Hall-one of her favorites

Do you think your daughter Anaíya will follow in your footsteps?

Anaíya loves to play.I have a video of her standing in a chair and dancing together Strictly come to dance, She even has a little Santa Claus to use as a dance partner. She goes from judge to dancer and I have to judge her. If she gets a 7 or 8, she would be really upset and say, “Oh, I should have done it better.”

She enjoys playing, but she’s also cheerfully funny, we’re really laughing together. When she was young, I explained to her what a best friend was, and I told her, “You are my best friend,” and she said, “Mummy, I. Is a kid, you need to get a best friend your own age. “I said,” What a hell! I have a best friend. I was trying to explain the concept to you. “

Would you like to encourage her to enter the entertainment industry?

I do, but I know not everyone does, because I had such a positive experience with it. Since I have worked in the industry, so many amazing things have happened in my life. I’m sure some people will never let their kids do it, but I had a really good time. I will certainly be a momager! I deal with all of her stuff.

I’m a celebrity … I’m back! Do you have any memories of the 2019 jungle?

a lot! Honestly, if they ask me to come back, I’ll go next week! I enter the peak of meditation and relax completely. I don’t mind the spiders walking around me, you are very stripped.

Everything will be almost primitive. Your sense of smell will be really strong and your eyesight will be amazing – there is something that makes you feel very lively about it. I should bring my camp buddies together and return for the fanatics.

But to be honest, we live in a world that sits quietly indoors, so we’ve never spent so much time in the fresh air. I want to do it again.

She was in the Australian jungle in 2019

She is still chatting with Caitlyn Jenner

Are you still in touch with your camping buddies?

I!Had a nice long chat with Caitlin [Jenner] The other day.Ian [Wright] And I hit it right away – from the first day we were on the boat together, we became really good friends.

He has two daughters as old as Anaya and they are really good friends so we always meet each other.Kate [Garraway]…I like her. She is just an angel.

I had a really good bunch, I just wish I could click my finger and bring us all back. We wear the same clothes, sit in the sunshine and take in fresh air. Yeah, you have all the horrifying trials, but they are actually a very short part of your day.

Yo oPrevious campmate Adele Roberts recently reveaShe is fighting bowel cancer, what about her?

Adele is obviously experiencing a very difficult time, but he handles it very well.

Nadine called her fellow campmate Kate Gallaway an angel

Do you have any advice for your new campmate?

Wait for the jungle to come back instead of the castle and tell them to do it! “Sleeping in a Welsh castle” is not as good as “sleeping in the Australian jungle for three weeks”.

But if you can’t do that, relax. Enjoy your time with the people you are with and incorporate it all.

Would you like to do more reality TV? Did your ex-bandmate Kimberley Walsh and your ex-Jason Bell give you a strict bug?

No, it’s not. I love watching Strictly Come Dancing and sometimes dance around the house and think, “Look at me, I’m a professional dancer.” Then I find that only I in the living room is a bit delusional. I’m not a professional dancer. I think it’s really difficult and I’m absolutely shocked.

But I want to be a singer in the Strictly band. I want to do it rather than dance. They make such a wonderful song!

So what about the masked singer? Your ex-bandmate Nicola Roberts has had amazing success with it …

Beyond the blockade, I fell in love with the masked singer, and Anaya loves it too, but she doesn’t know who is who!She loves peri [Kiely] From the diversity and all the boys who participate in it, she says, “I think it’s Peri.” But no, I don’t want to participate in it. I enjoy watching it, I’m a fan.

My best friend Beth Honan, who has worked with Girls Aloud for many years, is a choreographer and is so strict that he can’t tell who he is. When they did The Masked Dancer, I kept asking, but she didn’t say, I was angry!

Nadine Coyle is partnering with the National Lottery to celebrate its 27th anniversary and let people think about what changes they want to see in the community. For more information, please visit lotterygoodcauses.org.uk/funding.

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Nadine Coyle becomes a "momager" when her daughter Anaíya follows in the footsteps of the entertainment world

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