Nadia Sawalha yells at her “amazing” husband Mark as she prepares for her 17th sober Christmas.

Loose femaleof Nadia Sawalha Her husband, Mark Adalay, was branded “great” before his 17th Christmas sober.

Mark put a drink almost 20 years ago. Nadia says she drank for her and her two daughters, Kiki (14 years old) and Maddy (18 years old).

Discuss Mark’s success, Nadia said understood!: “He’s great in sharing what’s happening with him.

“He is currently doing a real counseling course and will get a master’s degree in addiction counseling so that he can help people more, not make money.”

“The easiest way to stay healthy is to help others. He’s just great,” she added.

Nadia said he almost gave up his marriage to Mark because of his alcoholism.

Nadia described her husband as “amazing”

Undoubtedly, many enjoy the ripples of Christmas during the festival. Mark finds this time of the year difficult, but Nadia said her husband, who has been around for almost 20 years, is calm for her and her daughter.

Nadia tells us:

“It’s the first idea, the second idea. The first idea is how nice it is to go there for a cozy harbor and lemons, but the second idea is that there is too much one. Where do you end up because 100 is never enough?

“He knows he loses everything. He stays calm for us-me and our girl. So he stays calm.”

Mark and Nadia share their daughters Kiki and Maddy together

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On Mark’s Drinking Anniversary on October 28, Nadia shared a heartfelt post to congratulate him on social media.

She wrote at the time: For me. For his daughter. For everyone who loved him. Not for myself.

“He couldn’t do it for himself. Alcohol was his medicine for bipolar disorder 2 and the pain of depression, unknowingly from his first drink.”

“Mark was first diagnosed this year when he was told he was trying to deal with his illness from the age of five or six. Alcohol was the answer to his emotional distress. It hurts my heart, “continued Nadia.

Mark Adalay celebrated 17 years of drinking in October

“I sincerely believe that he would not have been with us today if Mark had not chosen to live calmly with AA.”

Loose Women’s panelists elaborated on Mark’s journey over the last 17 years, revealing the following: His alcoholism almost caused her to “give up (their) marriage.”

“Mark really knew that if he didn’t give it up forever, he would lose me and his girl forever. He did it. It was very hard. But he was all of us. So he could be the best dad. The best husband. The best son he can do, “said Nadia.

She continued. “I and the girl want to celebrate you and what you do in a day. You are our hero.

“Thank you for your coolness, and for being the weirdest, kindest, and smartest person I know.”

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Nadia Sawalha yells at her "amazing" husband Mark as she prepares for her 17th sober Christmas.

Source link Nadia Sawalha yells at her "amazing" husband Mark as she prepares for her 17th sober Christmas.

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