Must-Have Items for a Day in the Great Outdoors

Following the recent easing of some of the ongoing Coronavirus restrictions in England, many of those reading this and beyond may be in the middle of planning a day outside with friends or family. 


With two households allowed to meet in an outdoor space moving forward, we are undoubtedly heading in the right direction, and there are sure to be many things on the agenda that we would like to do with another household. There are also numerous other things to consider when planning a day out, which is what we will be mulling over in this piece.  


One such factor worth considering is the items that you would need for a day in the great outdoors with your friends, and that is where we come into play. While we recognise that it can be tempting to take everything and anything out with you, this is not all that practical when you need to lug it home afterwards. 


By making a list of what you will need and ensuring you have a bag big enough to carry said items, you can rest assured that you will have the most enjoyable day possible. For some inspiration on the types of must-have items that you would need to spend a day in the great outdoors in the coming weeks and months, read on for more.  


Cleaning Products 


It goes without saying, but hand sanitiser has become a part of our lives in ways that we could only have imagined. A staple item for heading out and about, ensuring that you have an ample amount of hand sanitiser available for your ventures, both for yourself and those you are meeting, will make sure that you keep yourself as protected as possible as we make this transition out of lockdown. 


Furthermore, taking baby wipes or something along those lines out with you will give you another way of cleaning your hands or wipe down any surfaces before touching them. While this may seem tedious to some people, there are undoubtedly others reading this and beyond who will want to do just this to minimise further the risk of them becoming unwell.  


Things for Leisure 


This is a broader umbrella term and could incorporate various items; naturally, it varies on what brings you leisure and what you enjoy doing. Whether this is something to keep your hands busy or a novel that you are reading. The choice is entirely up to you. 


For some people, this could include the likes of vape pens, mainly if you like the taste of the e-liquid itself, or are attempting to stop smoking cigarette, for there are nicotine-inclusive and nicotine-free options available. With the opportunity to get e-liquid delivered to you from the likes of Aquavape, you can rest assured that you will have the tools necessary to enjoy your day out, and will have something to keep your hands busy.


First Aid Kit 


This is not to say that you will get drastically injured while out and about with your friends or family, and it is not meant to scare you! Ensuring that you have a small first aid kit on your person will ensure that you are prepared for whatever the great outdoors throws at you. 


From tripping up and cutting your knees, through to the dastardly blisters that come from wearing in a new pair of boots, having plasters and other first aid items on hand can make sure that your day out does not become overshadowed by any type of injury, both big and small.  


Not to mention, if it is hot and sunny when you venture out and about, firstly, lucky you! We know how dreary the weather in the UK can sometimes be. Ensuring that you also have adequate supplies of sunscreen on hand will minimise the risk of you getting burnt while spending hours out and about.  


Phone-Related Items 


We can all relate to that heart-breaking moment when our phone runs out of charge. While, for the most part, we can get to a charger within a short time to recharge the batteries, this is naturally not something that we could do if we are out and about exploring with friends or family. 


By ensuring that you have a portable phone charger in your backpack, along with some backup chargers and batteries in general, you can rest assured that you will be prepared for whatever gets thrown your way during your day out. Not to mention, you will want to have an adequate charge on your phones if you get lost or in trouble; it happens to the best of us!  


Food and Drink 


Finally, this is the most essential part of organising a day out, the snacks! Whether you opt to take one dish each and share amongst yourselves, or each of you just takes what you want to eat, the choice is entirely yours. One thing is for sure; picnics are something that we have missed, so we are thoroughly looking forward to when we can get out again for one.  

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