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Murderer Executed After Winning Lawsuit Pastor Prays For Him

Caption: Murderer to be executed after winning Supreme Court battle had pastor pray for him when he was injected (Photo: AP)

The death row inmate is scheduled to be executed while a Christian pastor prays and touches him after winning a legal battle over the religious rights of those facing execution.

John Henry Ramirez, 38, won a Supreme Court case over prayers for inmates facing the death penalty, but rejected his request that his death sentence be commuted to a lighter sentence. Denied. As a result, Ramirez was scheduled to receive a lethal injection Wednesday at 6 p.m. local time in Texas.

The date of Ramirez’s execution last year was postponed after he claimed that state prison rules prohibited him from having a pastor pray and touch him during his then-scheduled execution, which he claimed violated his religious freedom. I was.

In March, the Supreme Court upheld Ramirez, ruling that the state must listen to the wishes of death row inmates who wish to accompany religious leaders as they are executed.

The decision clarified the role that spiritual advisors play in death chambers across the country.

Ramirez was sentenced to death in 2004 for fatally stabbing 46-year-old convenience store clerk Pablo Castro. According to prosecutors, Castro was taking trash out of Corpus Christi’s store when Ramirez stole his $1.25 from him and stabbed him more than 30 times. .

The Texas State Pardon and Parole Board on Monday unanimously refused to commutate Ramirez’s sentence. According to his attorney, Ramirez has completed his appeal proceedings and has no plans to file another claim with the Supreme Court.

Ramirez’s attorney, Seth Cretzer, said Nazi war criminals were given ministers before being put to death.

“It didn’t reflect any favors we were doing for the Nazis,” Cretzer said. It reflects the.”

Ramirez’s spiritual advisor, Dana Moore, will keep the Bible in the death chamber, which was previously not allowed, Cretzer added.

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https://metro.co.uk/2022/10/06/murderer-to-be-executed-after-winning-case-for-pastor-to-pray-over-him-17512287/ Murderer Executed After Winning Lawsuit Pastor Prays For Him

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