“Mrs. World” arrested for grabbing the crown from the head of “Mrs. Sri Lanka” | Sri Lanka

Police arrested the active “Mrs. World” on suspicion of assaulting Flaca on stage, where she pulled the crown from the head of her new “Mrs. Sri Lanka.”

Caroline Julie said, “Mrs. Sri Lanka 2020 at the Gala on Sunday at the Neram Pokna Theater in Colombo. “

Julie was the previous year’s “Mrs. Sri Lanka” and won the “Mrs. World” competition hosted by a California-based company.

After the incident, De Silva needed hospital treatment in a crowded venue, seen by a stunned audience and a live social media audience.

“We arrested Julie and (her fellow) Chula Manamendra on suspicion of assault and damage to Neram Porkna (theatre),” said high-ranking police officer Aziz Rohana.

DeSilva told reporters outside the Colombo police station on Thursday that she was ready to withdraw the charges if Julie publicly apologized, but she refused.

“I tried to end this out of court, but she refused,” DeSilva said. “I can forgive, but I can’t forget.”

Police said the court hearing was amended on April 19 and Julie and her associates, who crashed the stage on Sunday, were released on bail on Thursday.

Neither they nor their lawyer spoke to reporters outside the police station.

Towards the end of Sunday’s ceremony, Julie claimed that De Silva was divorced and was not eligible for the award. Her astonishing announcement caused an unruly scene minutes after Sri Lankan Prime Minister’s wife, chief guest Silan Thirajapaksa, left the theater.

Contestants must be married to qualify for the title. De Silva is away from her husband, but they are still legally married.

Chandimal Jayasinghe, the pageant’s local franchise owner, said Julie’s actions were “deeply anxious and deeply regrettable.”

Jayasinge said he was claiming damages to Julie for damages to the stage and behind-the-scenes dressing rooms where some mirrors were broken.

The turmoil also meant that the event was postponed two hours longer, and theater managers demanded an additional charge of Rs 500,000 ($ 2,500), Jayasinghe added.

Julie has also been accused by the organizers of causing the event to be unpopular.

Social media calls are rising to strip Julie’s “Mrs. World” title, and one meme is calling on her to rebrand as “Mrs. Underworld.”

“Mrs. World” arrested for grabbing the crown from the head of “Mrs. Sri Lanka” | Sri Lanka

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