MPS monitors report 40% year-over-year growth-

Cloud-native platforms and major industry partnerships are driving demand for MPS Monitor 2.0, a remote monitoring solution for print dealers and MPS providers.

MPS Monitor®, which develops and distributes a leading platform for remote monitoring and management of printers and multifunction devices, announced that it reported revenue growth of 40% year-on-year in 2020. Combining printing solutions specifically designed as a cloud-native platform with partnerships with technology leaders such as HP, Microsoft, Okta and Asolvi, Milan-based companies are rapidly evolving dealers and MPS providers around the world. You can now respond well to your printing needs. ..

MPS Monitor 2.0 is a software as a service (SaaS) remote fleet monitoring platform as a cloud-based service, founded with a pioneering vision of the best way for dealers and MPS providers to manage printing, with printers. Enables remote monitoring and management of MFP. .. MPS Monitor 2.0 not only helps dealers and MPS resellers improve service levels and reduce costs, but it also helps optimize dealer operations and improve overall service margins. Being cloud-based, MPS Monitor is scalable and flexible, allowing you to quickly and easily respond to changes that pandemics impose on your business globally, such as moving to a hybrid work model. This has changed the way prints occur, where they occur, and how they are managed. And how is it explained? The growth of MPS monitors during this economically difficult and devastating year demonstrates their ability to successfully tackle this challenge.

A further reflection of the MPS monitor’s capabilities to meet the needs of dealers and MPS providers can be seen by technology industry leaders who have opted to partner with MPS monitors. With security in mind for all organizations, MPS Monitor recently announced that it has partnered with leading independent identity provider Okta to provide customers with secure and transparent single sign-on access. Okta’s integration allows MPS providers and customers to benefit from maximum security and easy access to SaaS platforms. Users can access the platform using their company account credentials. This avoids the burden of creating and maintaining a dedicated login and password for each particular SaaS web application.

Recognizing the market demand for an easy-to-use solution, the company also announced that MPS Monitor 2.0 will be integrated with HP’s SDS Cloud DCA. This feature allows HP devices running FutureSmart * firmware to connect to and interact with the cloud without the need for on-premises connectors or other local components. This simplifies the dealer’s life by allowing you to remotely monitor and manage all supported HP FutureSmart devices without having to install DCA on the customer’s network. Cloud DCA natively supports the advanced features of all HP Smart Device Services (SDS). Utilizing device sensors, analytics, and remote monitoring capabilities, SDS provides a remote platform for diagnosing, predicting, and resolving service issues, minimizing customer downtime. Reduce service costs for channel partners.

Another important industry relationship was formed in November 2020, when MPS Monitor announced the integration of Microsoft’s Universal Print within the MPS Monitor 2.0 SaaS platform. This helps dealers and managed print service providers who use MPS monitors migrate their printing infrastructure to the Microsoft 365 cloud and manage all their print fleets on a single SaaS platform.

In September 2020, MPS Monitor announced the availability of three new connectors that dealers using Asolvi ERP solutions can benefit from tightly integrating their monitoring platform into their systems. The new connector allows MPS Monitor 2.0 to establish and maintain seamless machine-to-machine communication with Evatic, Purpose Software 2serv, and Vantage Online systems. With this integration, the three ERP systems are timely updated with device status, meter readings, consumable alerts and levels, support and maintenance requests, and much more information directly from the DCA of the MPS monitor. You can get the information.

An independent verification of the firm position of MPS monitors in the printing ecosystem was done in detail. Vendor profile analysis Published by IDC in March 2021. “MPS monitors are a strategic player in the market …” and “… a robust solution that goes beyond traditional device management platforms and adds value to customers and channel partners alike.” The report added: ‘The cloud-based architecture, vendor-independent approach, security focus, and direct integration with HP Inc.’s Smart Device Services (SDS) and Microsoft Universal Print (UP) put MPS monitors in a unique position. Helps meet the evolving needs of the hybrid workforce. “

IDC’s report was released shortly after Quocirca, a source of independent market insights and advisory services leading the printing industry, was released. “Print Security Outlook, 2020”.. In addition to revealing Western IT decision makers’ concerns about printing risks and reducing confidence in their ability to protect their printing infrastructure from security breaches, the report says, “MPS Monitor 2.0 is cloud-based printing. A management platform that provides a robust solution for MPS providers and channel partners to provide integrated print management to their customers. “MPS Monitor allows channel partners to provide basic print security management to their customers. We provide an effective method. “

Comment on its growth and Nicola de brush, MPS Monitor CEO said: “Because of the pandemic, last year was very difficult from a health, social and economic perspective. This allows businesses to quickly respond to rapidly changing business environments with barriers and hurdles they have never encountered before. Our founding vision that MPS monitors are a cloud-native platform has proven to be correct. We work with our clients to build new printing models for a new world. To help, we have provided the print dealer community with the right solution at the right time. IDC’s recent positive vendor profile is accessibility to benefit channel partners who serve both now and in the future. We support our strategy of focusing on flexibility, security, and industry partnerships. “

MPS monitors report 40% year-over-year growth-

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