MP asking Johnson about Britain’s response to the Afghanistan crisis

What’s New in Afghanistan

Boris Johnson prepares for criticism by senior lawmakers about the role of Britain. Afghanistan crisis When the Prime Minister is preparing to address the House of Commons in a rare sitting in August.

In a half-day debate on Wednesday, Johnson is expected to defend Britain’s response to the Taliban’s rapid takeover of the country and Britain’s efforts to withdraw Britain and Afghan people.

The United Kingdom currently has 900 troops in Afghanistan, supporting the evacuation of 3,000 British and dual citizens, as well as the same number of Afghans who worked with the British army. British combat troops left Afghanistan in 2014.

However, Johnson is expected to face criticism of Britain’s humanitarian response to the collapse of Afghanistan and government readiness. In July, he said, “there is no military path to the Taliban’s victory.”

He could focus his remarks on government efforts to allow Afghan citizens to claim asylum in the UK in a plan based on the upcoming 2014 resettlement program for Syrian refugees. Highly sexual.

Johnson will also discuss Britain’s efforts to convene other nations to coordinate and shape the Western response to the Taliban takeover. “This is the most powerful weapon we have,” said one Downing Street official.

On Tuesday, he warned Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan by phone, warning that the new Afghan government should not be approved prematurely, but “internationally, not unilaterally.” ..

The British Prime Minister also told Khan that “the legitimacy of the future Taliban government is contingent on supporting internationally agreed standards for human rights and inclusiveness.”

The Johnson administration has been criticized by several Conservative parliamentarians for its role in the withdrawal.

Tom Tagendat, chairman of the Foreign Policy Committee, described the withdrawal as “the biggest foreign policy disaster since Suez.”..

Tobias Ellwood, chairman of the Defense Select Committee’s Tories, warns that Afghanistan will “become a paradise for terrorism to flourish and soon become a battlefield for neighboring giants to exert their surrogate influence.” did.

Parliamentarians may also ask Johnson about his absence on Saturday when he left for the day off. Foreign Minister Dominic Raab was also recalled to London after a weekend vacation on Crete.

Sir Keir Starmer, the leader of the opposition Labor Party, said the minister was “lacking action at this crucial time.” “Talk to anyone with experience in Afghanistan. They would say last week it was clear that we were heading into a very serious situation.”

In an effort to withdraw its people, the UK has the capacity to airlift 1,000 people from Kabul daily.

However, Vice Admiral Ben Kee, who is responsible for the joint operations managing the evacuation, must withdraw on Tuesday if British troops are working with the Taliban’s consent and the flight permit is blocked. I admitted that it might not be.

“Current [the Taliban] We respect the agreement with the United States. ” “They allow us to get into our business, but we must be pragmatic and honest. The Taliban controls the methods and content we can achieve, and At some point they may remove their consent. “

MP asking Johnson about Britain’s response to the Afghanistan crisis

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