Moulin rouge!The musical is ready to open at the waist end, but could be closed in one COVID case | Ent & Arts News

Moulin Rouge, one of the most promising musicals that has hit the West End in recent years, will only open its doors next week after months of uncertainty in the industry.

It happens in a new fear of safety and keeping the show on stage. New coronavirus variants Will appear.

Production at the Piccadilly Theater in London became the first in the West End Make a mask mandatory As part of the booking terms-by purchasing a ticket, people may agree to cover their faces during the show or be asked to leave.

The musical is based on a 2001 movie.Photo: Matt Crockett

As the latest COVID-19 variant Omicron burns, other theaters across the UK are beginning to follow suit. The Society of London Theater is calling on viewers to stay safe during the winter as part of the See It Safely campaign.

According to government advice, close contact with those who have captured Omicron now needs to be self-isolated, regardless of vaccination status. It’s a concern for those involved in this huge production.

“If anyone gets Omicron, whatever happens, it just closes the show,” starring actor Jamie Bogyo (playing Christian) told Sky News.

“Just because the rules are for at least two and a half weeks next.”

The threat of having to end the show due to one case of COVID-19 occurred in the summer when the so-called pindemic took Cinderella, Hairspray and Lion King off stage for a few days, even though the restrictions were lifted. Reminds me of that, Encourage Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber to criticize publicly The government over the rules.

The Moulin Rouge cast and production crew are committed to reducing risk, including daily testing and regular masking.

If one person obtains an Omicron variant of COVID-19, it may shut down.Photo: Matt Crockett

In fact, the cast can only be taken off when you step on the stage.

“There are also masks to wear when walking from left to right on the stage. There are many,” Bogyo added.

“People are trying to understand that … they’re doing everything they can to a certain point-I don’t know what they can do anymore. We’re a little leap of faith. Must be done. “

But as usual, the show has to continue, what might happen, Liishi Lafontaine (Satin of the show) said, “If it shuts down, we’ll be back stronger than ever. “Rebelliously added.

The show itself Has won numerous awards on BroadwayIs an adaptation of Baz Luhrmann’s 2001 film musical of the same name, starring Ewan McGregor, Nicole Kidman and Jim Broadbent.

Moulin rouge! The musical has won numerous awards on Broadway.Photo: Matt Crockett

It’s the story of a Christian writer who travels to France to participate in the bohemian revolution, but decides to write a play to restore the sick Moulin Rouge while falling in love with the dancer and prostitute Sateen. Become.

The Piccadilly Theater in the heart of London’s West End has transformed into a Parisian venue that captivates the audience even before the actors take the stage.

“Immersion is absolutely the word we were aiming for,” director Alex Timbers told Sky News.

“That movie is so immersive,” how do you knock down your footlights, put ramps and runways in the audience, wrap the theater in a design, and let the cancan dancers race at your feet? I said. stage? ‘

“And it’s a kind of electrical sensation … we’re really heading here.”

Moulin rouge! The musical opened at the Piccadilly Theater on December 8th and is currently in preview.

Moulin rouge!The musical is ready to open at the waist end, but could be closed in one COVID case | Ent & Arts News

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