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Mothers more likely to have “sumo” babies heavier than stones

In the MATERNITY unit, the number of “sumo” babies is increasing rapidly with the weight of one or more stones.

Over the last four years, a total of 282 babies have been born and weighed at 12 pounds.


Obstetrics unit sees a worrisome surge in “sumo” babies — weighs more than stonesCredits: Getty-Contributors

But unbelievably, figures from the National Bureau of Statistics of England and Wales also show 32 newborns weighing more than 14 pounds.

According to experts, “exceptional” birth weight gain causes a four-fold increase Birth of Caesarean section Over the last 20 years — partly due to the UK obesity crisis.

Baby size has grown for the better since the 1950s. A more balanced diet..

However, Tamfly of the National Obesity Forum said:Government If it continues to ignore the health of the mother, it is for the birds to aim to give every child the best start.

“It is shameful that more than half of women get pregnant with unhealthy weight, which causes offspring. obesity..

“British pre-concept counseling services are still in the dark ages, leaving hundreds of thousands of women unaware that healthy weight at the time of booking is essential to getting the best start for their children. . “

Average UK Birth weight Boys weigh 7 pounds and 8 ounces, and girls weigh 7 pounds and 4 ounces.

After becoming pregnant naturally, she gave birth to a world record of nine babies. He weighs 30 kg on his stomach alone and uses 100 diapers a day.

Mothers more likely to have “sumo” babies heavier than stones

SourceMothers more likely to have “sumo” babies heavier than stones

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