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MoS Muraleedharan slams Kerala minister’s remarks on Indian Constitution

Pathanamthita (Kerala) [India]July 5 (ANI): Union Minister of State for External Affairs V Muraledhara on Tuesday slammed Kerala Minister Saji Cheryan for criticizing the Indian Constitution and accusing the CPI-M leader of issuing an “anti-national statement”. “Kerala Minister Saji Cheriyan has humiliated the Constitution of India in his speech. This is an anti-national statement made by him. What’s even more surprising is that he is now clarifying. He doesn’t know anything about the Constitution,” Muraledharan said. media representatives.

He said that Cheriyan’s derogatory remarks reflect the mindset of the Left party regarding the Constitution of India. “This is not a slip of the tongue, this is the continuation of what the Left Party thinks about the Constitution,” he added.

Earlier, Cherian had said that the British prepared the Constitution of India and the Indians simply wrote and implemented it.

Addressing a CPIM program at Mallappally in Kerala’s Pathanamthita district on Monday, he said that the “Constitution of India is written in such a way that it can rob people”. The minister said: wrote it and implemented it. 75 years have passed. India has written a beautiful Constitution which can be used for looting. “There are few places in that Constitution where there are references to secularism, democracy, but it can be used,” the CPIM leader. declared.

Meanwhile, several people, including Leader of the Opposition in the state assembly V.D. Satisan, hit the controversial phrases.

Satisan wrote on Twitter today. “Kerala Minister Saji Cherian has made the most insulting statements about the Constitution of India. Disgusting words. He should resign or the Chief Minister should demand the minister’s resignation. Constitution”. (ANI)

MoS Muraleedharan slams Kerala minister’s remarks on Indian Constitution

SourceMoS Muraleedharan slams Kerala minister’s remarks on Indian Constitution

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