Morning Live’s Gesin Jones canceled surgery because he tested positive for Covid.

TV moderator Gesin Jones The surgery was canceled because the covid test was positive on Tuesday morning at Morning Live.

The 43-year-old presenter was absent from the BBC One morning live presentation this week and was temporarily replaced by many guest hosts, including Strictlystar. AJ Odudu Dragon’s Den star Sarah Davies.

Getin, who appeared on the show, shared how he had to cancel his ankle surgery after catching Covid a few days before Christmas.

“Like many people across the country at Christmas moment, my plans changed overnight,” he told hosts Rav and Sara.

“As you say, I was supposed to have ankle surgery today, so why I’m not with you at Morning Live, and then I did a positive PCR over the weekend, it’s surgery Meaned that was canceled. “

Gesin Jones shared how his surgery was canceled because he tested positive for covid.

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Gethin also revealed that he had to postpone his Christmas plans with his parents because he caught Covid.

The presenter explained: “Then I had to make a really terrible call to my mom and dad coming to me on Christmas day. At some point it was done and that’s exactly what it was.

“Obviously they were very disappointed. I was looking forward to making them steaks. There have been lots of advice and tips over the last few weeks.

“That’s what it is, what you can do about it,” he sighed.

Gesin Jones has begun a battle with Morning Live co-star Kim Marsh and Covid.
Gethin had to rethink his Christmas plans after catching covid

Fortunately, Getin added that he had only a few mild symptoms and was “in line to get a booster.”

Gethin was attacked by Covid, not the first presenter of Morning Live. Earlier this year, his co-host, Kym Marsh, also fought the disease.

Speaking only OK!Earlier this year, He praised the former Coronation Street An actress who also supports her dad following his diagnosis of end-stage prostate cancer.

He tells us:

Program Name: Morning Live-TX: October 26, 2020-Episode: n / a (No.n / a)-Photo Show: Kym Marsh, Gethin Jones-(C) BBC-Photographer:-
Gesin Jones previously announced a morning live with Kim Marsh.

“She went home to take care of her family, because that’s what you’re doing. Her son had Covid, so she was likely to catch it too. As you know, the family is the first. “

Gethin goes on to say: “There are many freelancers on the BBC and they are very cautious about everything we do. They are two meters away from home and one is on the lift. Whatever it is, we Is doing that. We want to protect each other.

“Why are you at home because Kim doesn’t want to endanger others? But like many others who don’t want to be isolated, she’s just frustrated, but she’s I’m just doing the right thing. “

Morning Live will air on BBC One at 9:30 am on weekdays.

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Morning Live's Gesin Jones canceled surgery because he tested positive for Covid.

Source link Morning Live's Gesin Jones canceled surgery because he tested positive for Covid.

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