More than 20 children died in an earthquake that collapsed a house

The quake buried people in their homes and mines (Photo: Rex / EPA / Getty)

A strong earthquake struck southwestern Pakistan on Thursday, killing at least 20 people and injuring hundreds.

A magnitude 5.9 earthquake destroyed at least one coal mine and many flimsy mud houses in remote mountainous areas.

Rescue workers say that most of the dead are women and children.

A local deputy secretary warned that more than 300 people were injured and the death toll is expected to increase as the crew searches the area.

At least four of the dead were killed in the mine, which collapsed during work, Suhail Anwar Shaheen added.

He said rescue operations were underway, but added that it would take hours to reach many of Baluchistan’s most devastated areas.

An earthquake struck while many inhabitants were asleep, trapping people in some of the more than 100 homes that had fallen into caves.

The quake struck the Barotistern region
A man takes an injured child to a hospital in Quetta (Photo: EPA)

As a result, hundreds of people have lost their homes, Shaheen said.

According to the US Geological Survey, the epicenter is about eight miles northeast of Harnai, where most of the population lives in mudbrick homes.

A myriad of other buildings were also damaged, and the video footage sank into the roof, showing crumpled and heavily cracked walls.

Located about 60 miles from the state capital, Quetta, the area is dotted with coal mines.

About 300 people were injured (Photo: EPA)
Residents assess damage when a house turns into debris (Photo: Getty Images)
Many of the houses in this area are made of mud (Photo: AFP)

The early morning incident occurred while many miners were working, causing further deaths and safety concerns in other pits.

It struck about 12 miles below the surface, resulting in a relatively shallow quake.

Shallow depths tend to do more damage.

Social media has shown that lighting fixtures shook and trucks and homes shook when an earthquake struck.

The stunned inhabitants later gathered on the street in the dark.

As rescue teams searched through the rubble, some of the injured were treated on a street stretcher under a telephone flashlight.

Resident Muzafah Khan Tureen explained: “The quake struck around 3 am. Seriously injured people are hospitalized and waiting for an ambulance to move to Quetta.”

The US Geological Survey initially measured earthquakes at a magnitude of 5.7.

Aftershocks are still felt throughout the region.

Earthquakes are common in Pakistan, which is on two colliding structural plates.

A magnitude 7.7 earthquake struck Quetta in 1935, killing 30,000 to 60,000 people and destroying much of the city.

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More than 20 children died in an earthquake that collapsed a house

Source link More than 20 children died in an earthquake that collapsed a house

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