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Momentary Mother Wins £ 300,000 Lottery After Thinking She Won £ 1,000

This is the moment the mother first realizes she has won £ 300,000 on a National Lottery scratch card after believing that her prize is only £ 1,000.

Sandra Davin discovered her huge bounty after making a life-changing call to a lottery operator last December.


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Then, in a clip released by the National Lottery, Sandra declared she thought she had won £ 1,000 and asked how she could claim it.

But without her knowledge, her day was much better as the telephone line operator confirmed that she actually scooped £ 300,000.

Stunned Sandra, who lives in Renfrewshire, Scotland, can be heard saying: There is no way. “

According to details released by the National Lottery, she decided to get a scratch card after she couldn’t book a restaurant table for her husband Martin’s birthday that same day.

She failed to scratch all the relevant numbers on the card-later realized she was a beneficiary of a huge bounty.

Nine months later, the delighted Sandra talked about her victory for the first time.

She states: “At first I thought I had won £ 100, but my husband thought I had £ 1000. So when I found out that we had £ 300,000, I was very shocked. rice field.

“There was a cherry blossom on the cake to win Martin’s birthday, it was the best gift ever!

“At first he didn’t believe me, then he started cheering. I couldn’t believe it. It was surreal.”

Sandra has confirmed that since the victory, the couple have plans to buy a new car and go on a mega camp trip.

They also have plans to buy a home, “just waiting for the right home to hit the market.”

Overjoyed Sandra added: “I am debt-free and in itself really changed my life.

“I don’t think it will feel real until we buy a new home, and it will all sink into it, I won the lottery.”

Her victory took place just before Diana Bait from North Wales, who won the appetizing £ 3.8m lottery jackpot last Christmas.

She said she was “shocked” and “physically ill.”

After that, she said: “If you win the National Lottery, you won’t be charged as a person, but you can enjoy your life and treat your family more than ever.”

The late Margaret Lafrey describes the moment he realized in a 2013 interview that he had won £ 27m in the EuroMillions lottery.

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Momentary Mother Wins £ 300,000 Lottery After Thinking She Won £ 1,000

SourceMomentary Mother Wins £ 300,000 Lottery After Thinking She Won £ 1,000

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