Molly Mayhag poses with a £ 880 trainer just weeks after a £ 800,000 robbery

MOLLY-Mae Hague has flashed her latest designer purchase, a pair of £ 880 trainers on social media today.

A 22-year-old love island star, taking an Instagram story, unveiled a new cream-colored Louis Vuitton LV Archlight Trainers, capping shots with appetizing pictograms.


Molly-Mae Hague received retail therapy and purchased a £ 880 trainer.Credit: Instagram


The star showed off her Cream Louis Vuitton LV Archlight Trainer on InstagramCredit: Instagram

The futuristic look of designer shoes was originally released as part of the French designer’s Spring / Summer 2018 collection-and remains a classic for fashion enthusiasts.

The star’s latest fuss happens weeks after the apartment she shared with her boyfriend Tommy Fury was targeted by a thief. Meanwhile, the thief got £ 800,000 worth of goods.

After the incident, Molly and Tommy, also 22 years old, soon left Manchester real estate and moved to a secluded, gated home in Cheshire.

How the sun later said the boxer Tommy was looking at a £ 25,000 watchdog To enhance security.

One source said: robbery Molly, who was found, said she never lived in an apartment again and wanted the safety of living at home.

“But rent prices are crazy and they’re trying to buy somewhere as soon as possible. Tommy also says he wants a watchdog because they’re a real deterrent.

“Most soccer players in the area have them, and these animals are ferocious, so the thieves are just away.”

Talking about robbery last week makes me cry Molly said, “Karma is coming.” For “evil” robbery.

The former Love Island star held back tears when it opened to fans. Shocking intrusionBrand it to her as “the worst thing that has ever happened”.

In a moving video posted on YouTube, a 22-year-old woman said the robbers “stolen everything”, but their punishment would come to catch them.

“What happened is really, really terrible,” said Molly May. “Karma will come for those who have done it. That’s all I say because it’s just evil.”

Molly shed tears on a YouTube video, revealing how sad it was to leave the house. Rather than losing the designer’s merchandise, she explained how she was upset about it.

“The saddest thing about all this-I don’t know why I’m upset-but when I talk about the apartment and move from there, it’s the saddest part of the whole situation for me,” she said. Told.

“It wasn’t taken, it doesn’t feel like it’s violating our space, it’s literally the fact that we had to leave the apartment.

“That apartment was my happy place. It was my sanctuary. It was, yes, it was very special to me.

“We were absolutely kicked out and couldn’t stay there anymore. Too many people knew where we lived. If Tommy was gone, how could we sleep there at night? Can you do that? That wouldn’t be possible. “


Tommy and Molly settle in a new home following a robbery in their old apartment
Molly Mayhag says in an emotional video the intrusion was “the worst thing that has ever happened”

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Molly Mayhag poses with a £ 880 trainer just weeks after a £ 800,000 robbery

Source link Molly Mayhag poses with a £ 880 trainer just weeks after a £ 800,000 robbery

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