Molly May The Hague strips into a naked bodysuit for a sexy shoot

MOLLY-MAE Hague stripped off her nude bodysuit when her “proud moment” was establishing her tan brand before entering the festive spirit.

UK and EU Creative Director of Pretty Little Thing, 22 used Instagram stories to answer a series of questions from fans after being relatively absent from social media.


Molly May Hague, 2 years old, a filter dressed in a tanned bodysuit to promote her brandCredit: @filterbymollymae
Influencers reveal a personalized gift that is completely wrapped under her tree


Influencers reveal a personalized gift that is completely wrapped under her treeCredit: Instagram

Molly She was resting from the platform in a tough month when she saw a flat she shared with her boyfriend Tommy Fury. Intruded and stolen £ 800,000 itemsBefore the boxer was kicked out of his recent battle due to an injury.

The founders of Filter greatly welcomed the return to the platform and gave a glimpse of preparations for the celebration in their new home.

She later refined various personalized gifts for the management team under her tree.

Each gift was carefully wrapped in reindeer print paper personalized in the recipient’s name.

Molly-Mae added the caption “My Wrapping Paper of the Year”.

Underneath the shimmering tree was an orange bag with even more gifts.

She followed up on the festival post with a filter plug. First, she was wrapped in a white robe with a huge filter Christmas cracker.

On the second shot, Molly grabbed another cracker and showed off her sensational appearance in a tan bodysuit.

Molly previously revealed how the shoot happened A few days after her endometriosis surgery..

Former Love Island stars have given support and hope to fight many people Female health With a plain analysis of her experience Unbearable pain similar to “labor” And “I can’t stand up” because of her suffering.

Real talk

Influencers never avoided sharing her feelings with fans and this week It broke down while talking about Tommy On her YouTube channel.

Molly is a fan, 22-year-old Tommy I had to cancel the fight with Jake Paul over my medical condition.

Molly said: “I don’t like going to the YouTube channel to fix the problem and pretending to be” this miserable video “after this video.

“But at the same time, I never came here and drew a pretty picture and was like,” Things are so great and my life is so perfect. ”

“You probably know that I want to come here and talk more specifically about the fight and what’s going on, but that’s Tommy, not my situation.

“I’m here to support him through his rocks, thick and thin. You love someone so deeply, they’re so badly hurt, and you’re experiencing so much garbage. When you are, you cannot help feeling it for yourself. “

Earlier this month, Tommy was forced to ax the fight against Jake after suffering from a rib fracture and a chest infection.

He said: “I brought a small clip to my body, and my body was so weak because of the virus in me … I soon realized something was wrong. ..

“I was vomiting from pain, I doubled, I literally got my bag and went straight to the hospital, for an MRI scan, and I went straight on the same day I got the results back, and the results revealed that I was clean. There were broken ribs and multiple fractures. “

Molly and Tommy were hit further this week when new Covid restrictions forced them to cancel their next vacation to Dubai. This is a Christmas present for him.

She states: “I went to Dubai for two weeks in the first week of January and booked a vacation to go to my favorite hotel. Obviously I had to cancel it.

“It was my Christmas present for Tommy, so now I have no holidays and I’m stuck without a present for Tommy.”

Molly May shed tears, saying it was Tommy Fury’s “rock,” and said “it hurts terribly.”

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Molly May The Hague strips into a naked bodysuit for a sexy shoot

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