Molly May The Hague reveals “the biggest project ever” with a gorgeous new snap

Molly May The Hague She shares a gorgeous new snap on Instagram, revealing that she is welcoming “the biggest project ever”.

An influencer, 22, accessed social media to share photos of his new outfit, revealing some big career news in the pipeline in the process.

Molly-Mae wore a cream blazer and matching trousers over a black crop top, paired with the charming knee-high boots and leather handbag in the photo.

When she posed for a photo on some stone steps, the star wore her hair straight, which showed a wave of framing on her face.

But it was the captions that caught the attention of the fans and made fun of Star’s new project.

Molly May teased a new project on Instagram

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Molly-Mae writes: Get ready for London Fashion Week … we’re at @prettylittlething !!! “

Molly May served as creative director at Pretty Little Thing in August 2021. A stunning salary last week Signed “7-digit beauty contract”..

This was after Star’s fake tan brand Molly May’s Filter posted a classified ad looking for a new employee. Following her “Tone Hearing Loss Comments” about her success.

The company has placed an ad recruiting “enthusiastic” social media content creators to work full-time for her brand.

The ad, which states that the positions are temporarily separated, states: “We are looking for an avid social media executive who will play a fundamental role in the day-to-day management of the rapidly growing and prosperous tan brand social channels.

Molly May Hague was forced to move out of Manchester's apartment after being targeted by a robbery gang.
Molly May recently announced that her tan brand is looking for new staff.

“Daily activities as a member of the brand team include the creation and execution of social media strategies and content aimed at driving the growth of each platform and helping drive traffic to the site.

“Successful candidates are responsible for managing the brand’s social media accounts on a daily basis and providing content creation.”

Job ads were offered between £ 20,000 and £ 25,000, depending on experience and whether you were able to work full-time or part-time.

This was after Molly May fired recently after making a “deaf” comment about her success in the business podcast CEO’s diary.

Star joined Pretty Little Thing as a creative director in 2021
Star joined Pretty Little Thing as a creative director in 2021

She states: “When I talked about it in the past, I was a little criticized. People say, and it’s not correct to say that we are all the same 24 hours a day.”

“But technically, what I’m saying is correct. We do.”

Molly May broke the silence after the podcast’s comments were widely criticized.

She wrote in an Instagram story: “I wanted to go online as usual today, but before that I wanted to say …

Judy calls on Molly May Hague to show
Molly May was criticized for commenting on a recent podcast

“When I say or post something online, it’s not malicious or malicious. I fully understand that things can affect different people in different ways. But I would like to emphasize that I never intend to hurt or upset anyone by anything.

“I apologize to those who have negatively or misunderstood what I said in the podcast. The podcast’s intention was only to tell my story and inspire me from my own experience. Love for, always x. “”

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Molly May The Hague reveals "the biggest project ever" with a gorgeous new snap

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